YourRewardCard – This pay as you go Visa rewards card is generally issued via way of means of together with numerous agencies this kind of DirectTV, Dish Network and different TV and ISP (Internet Service Providers) usually as a promotional provide for signing up as a brand new client and it`s usually for $one hundred or $a hundred and fifty. If you already were given a rewards card and you could`t don’t forget how a whole lot it`s for you could go to to test your stability or latest activity.

YourRewardCard Activation, Check Balance & My Experience:

In this submit I talk our revel in in receiving our praise card and additionally some information about activating and the usage of the YourRewardCard as soon as you’ve got got acquired it.

How Do I Activate My YourRewardCard?:

You can spark off Your Reward Card on the Activate web page after which you could use it everywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

How Do I Check My Balance and Why Is Knowing My Balance Important?

You can sign-in to test yourrewardcard stability so that you understand how a whole lot the cardboard is to start with for and your closing stability left on the cardboard. I forgot what my stability once we made some purchases and understanding your stability because it procedures 0 is important. The purpose you’ll need to pay attention to your closing stability is that in case you attempt to make a rate for greater than the stability left in your praise card it’ll be rejected so that you will want to understand your specific closing stability and ask the clerk/cashier/waiter/waitress to best input a rate for the closing stability in your account. Then you’ll need to use a distinct shape of price for the quantity which you nonetheless owe in your purchase.

How Do I Use My Account After I Have Activated It?:

Using your praise card is quite simple and no distinct than the usage of a ordinary debit card. Just don’t forget the factor above approximately now no longer seeking to rate your card for greater than the closing stability and you`ll be fine.

My YourReward Card Experience

So right here is what occurred to me and what I needed to do to get my $a hundred and fifty your praise card.

After the ninety-day length had surpassed I patiently waited an additional forty five days and nonetheless hadn`t acquired my card so I known as Suddenlink and requested approximately it. The agent stated I certainly certified and that my card changed into coming.

Then I waited 2 greater weeks, crickets… So I known as again. Same answer.

At this factor I commenced to get skeptical and did a few digging and observed some Reddit threads in which human beings noted that they hadn`t acquired the YourRewardCard Visa and it simply were given me thinking.

So I name again. This time the agent tells me that they weren`t certain whether or not I certified or now no longer. Or why the cardboard hadn`t come, they had been quite a whole lot clueless.

For the ones which have been wondering, I subsequently acquired my $a hundred and fifty Your Reward Card Visa from Suddenlink! Yay!!! When we signed up for Internet carrier closing March we had been presented a $a hundred and fifty Visa Your Reward Card as a promotional provide for being new clients with one catch, to get hold of your rewards card you need to live updated on our bills for the primary ninety days.

In the give up it took approximately 7 months to get hold of my card and it changed into a trouble however it changed into truely really well worth it. My bet is there has been a glitch with our Internet Service Provider or and I doubt it changed into their purpose to make this tough for me to get my praise card however I`m penning this for the ones which might be presented this address any business enterprise. I can`t be sure it changed into particular to my ISP so that is for each person this is looking ahead to to get hold of a Visa or Mastercard Your rewards card.

Solution: I Filed a BBB Complaint

At this factor I determined to fill a BBB criticism in opposition to the praise card branch and what do you understand, I get a known as inside some days from a unique branch. I don`t understand in the event that they had been from my ISP or the business enterprise however they took down all of my info and stated they might be investigating my criticism and might known as me returned inside seventy two hours.

forty eight hours later and I were given an e mail and a name returned from the equal woman announcing that my rewards card might be withinside the mail inside some days and I need to get hold of it soon.

About 7 days in any case of this I subsequently were given the your praise card withinside the mail for the whole quantity of $a hundred and fifty, which changed into brilliant as it included the primary five months of my Internet carrier.

Cool deal! Sure it changed into a trouble however I changed into truely really well worth it withinside the give up.

What You Should Do If I`m Having Trouble Getting My Reward Card?
If you`re suffering to get your praise card this is rightfully iycos yours pass the problem and simply record a criticism with the BBB and you`ll likely shop a few time.

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