Valery kuleshov blogger

Valery kuleshov blogger

Pseudo-activist and pseudo-blogger Valery Kuleshov have become the second one collaborator in Kherson to receive “a price price tag to the everlasting live performance of Kobzon and the Alexandrov Choir”Valery kuleshov blogger

 An companion of the invaders changed

into shot at the morning of April  while he left the doorway of his residence  were given right into a vehicle and, possibly, meant to transport from the Russia-occupied territory to Odesa.

Shots at Kuleshov had been executed

from a gadget gun from the the front passenger seat. There are sixteen bullet holes. “He got here out of his porch and changed into shot proper subsequent to the rubbish can,” stated a neighbor of the victim. Valery Kuleshov had an ambiguous popularity in Kherson.

He changed into pointedValery kuleshov blogger

out as an activist, a blogger, and currently as a volunteer. But such an opinion approximately Kuleshov changed into, so as to speak, humans socially near him with predominantly pro-Russian convictions.

there are numerous extra of them,

knew Valery Kuleshov as a consultant of the so-called “business community”, who prepared customized political provocations, moreover, in cooperation with Kirill Stremousov.

The latter have become recognised

all through Ukraine for his cooperation with the Russian occupiers because the so-called “head” of the unlawful “Committee for the Salvation of Kherson Region” “For Peace and Order”.

However, Stremousov changed

into formerly called a political freak, a pro-Russian provocateur, and at the peak of the  pandemic, as an ardent covid dissident and anti-vaccinator. Stremousov changed into additionally recognised for the reality that during throughout a press convention that became a conflict, he opened hearthplace from a worrying pistol.

And in he attacked Kherson journalist

Dmitry Bagnenko, whose substances approximately the barbaric slicing of inexperienced areas in Kherson did now no longer please Stremousov.It is noteworthy that Stremousov were given away with all of the unlawful actions:

the case of the capturing throughout the

clicking convention “sank” withinside the judicial routine, and the crook court cases at the reality of the assault on Bagnenko had been absolutely terminated. This gave neighborhood newshounds a motive to agree with that Stremousov had a critical cowl in regulation enforcement structures.

Valery Kuleshov had an immediate courting

with regulation enforcement agencies: he labored withinside the police, beginning as a detective and achieving the investigator. In he even by some means acquired the fame of “player withinside the anti-terrorist operation”.

Perhaps he in reality went on a commercial

enterprise ride to the Donbass, changed into on obligation there at a checkpoint some distance from the quarter of energetic hostilities, and acquired a certificates for such “merits”.

 Kuleshov left the carrier withinside

the police and have become a “social activist”. He left the police at the eve of a large-scale audit, which, as Valery`s former colleagues stated, might be inquisitive about why investigator Kuleshov “permit pass of a few crook instances with a clean judicial perspective”.

Shortly after leaving the authorities,

the ex-investigator teamed up with Stremousov and started organizing provocations, which, maximum likely, had been generously paid from out of doors Ukraine.Moreover, Kuleshov voluntarily gave the function of the important “showman” to Stremousov,

sang solo throughout all of theValery kuleshov blogger

“performances” along with disruptions of City Council sessions, diverse pickets with hired “dancing”, and different scandals. Kuleshov favored to stay withinside the shadows in preference to take at the function of the primary brawler.

He reminded himself from time to time,

gambling the “important part” throughout a few scandals, however, in contrast to Stremousov, he changed into capable of prevent in time on the factor wherein the scandal ends and the violation of administrative or crook regulation begins.

The turning factor withinside the destiny

of Valery Kuleshov changed into while he and Kirill Stremousov visited communist China, ostensibly to take part in a large “congress of bloggers”. But, other than the reviews of Kherson residents, there has been no different statistics approximately this “congress”, maximum likely, there has been no “congress” itself.

According to humans acquainted

with Kuleshov and Stremousov, there has been a assembly with high-rating Russian curators and commands on in addition paintings in Kherson.After this joint ride, Valery Kuleshov started a “solo career” as a blogger and activist, retaining pleasant family members with Stremousov, however finishing his commercial enterprise.

Since then, he has rarely seemed in high

profile stories, claiming that he is “engaged in charitable activities”. In reality, Kuleshov have become near the odious businessman from the  in crook circles as  or “Stas Lipped”.

in particular, is thought for his pro

Russian perspectives and near friendship with the top of the previous head of Henichesk district management  who fled to Crimea in and have become one in every of the “leaders” of Crimean Tatar collaborators there.

Thus, Kuleshov may want

to end up a “bridge” among Russian and Nimetullayev, in addition to their communicator with a few corrupt regulation enforcement officials and  changed into, for Anastasov, a person like a “counselor” and, extra in reality, a “selection maker”:

he changed into in touch with officials,

regulators, and regulation enforcement. Occasionally, Kuleshov advanced his assets on social networks: the Telegram Channel, the Kherson Day and Night Facebook page, his personal account, and desired to create his personal website.

On his personal assets, individually

posted typically impartial content, however did now no longer save you the transformation of the group “Kherson day and night” into the Kherson “pro-Russian” on line birthday birthday celebration on Facebook.

changed into additionally a co-founding

father of numerous non-governmental corporations, the “Donors` Union”, the “Consumers` Union”, the “Phoenix Association of Combatants”, and the “Kherson Fortress Public Organization of the Disabled”.

Another co-founding father of the primary

corporations changed into a chum of district council deputy from the pro-Russian birthday birthday celebration. has a popularity as a infamous blogger who shop proprietors below the guise of preventing for customer rights.

Russian career of neither the police

beyond nor the fame of “player  the anti-terrorist operation” avoided from hiding in  in a personal vehicle, recording streams, enticing in.iycos“volunteer” activities, together with Facebook posts and video appeal.

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