Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

TEXAS RADIOLOGICAL SOCIETY  ANNUAL MEETING FEBRUARY SAN ANTONIO, TX The  Annual Meeting of the Texas Radiological Society changed into hung on.Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

on the Westin Riverwalk Hotel in San

Antonio. Executive Director Christy McDonald and her group of workers including Program Manager Amie Driggers, TRSF Administrative Manager Karen Garbaccio,and

Lobbyist Michael Grimes all over again

prepared and performed a outstanding medical and social meeting. Social sports protected a Welcome Reception on Thursday night time, the Awards Dinner on

Friday night time, and a Resident & Fellow Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

Section Career Fair Reception on Saturday evening.The  Program Committees protected the Diagnostic Radiology Program, the Radiation
Oncology & Medical Physics Program, and the Resident & Fellow Section Program.

The Diagnostic Radiology Program

changed into chaired through Brett Carter, MD and contributors of the
committee protected Nicholas Beckman, MD, Maria Gule-Monroe, MD, Andrew Farach, MD, Julia Fielding, Darlene Metter, MD, Jay Parikh,  MD, Andrew Sampson, PhD, Ezequiel Silva

 MD, Susanna Spence, MD and Aradhana Venkatesan, MD.

David Sher, MD and Daniel Saenz, PhD served as Radiation Oncology Co-Chair and Medical Physics Co-Chair. Their software committee contributors protected Waqar Haque, MD, Andrew Farach,
MD, Michael Folkert, MD, PhD, Pamela Myers, PhD, Leland Page, PhD a

Nina Sandford, MD. RFS Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

Chair changed into Jesse Conyers, MD and Education Council Chair changed into Andrew Farach, MD.Darlene Metter, MD President of the TRS and Brett Carter, MD opened the Scientific

Sessions with a welcome attendees Texas radiological society 107th annual meeting

on Friday morning. Session 1 on Body Imaging changed into a joint
consultation for Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology. Session 2 observed after a espresso break

consultation for Diagnostic Texas’s radiological society’s 107th annual meeting’s

Radiology, Radiation Oncology and the TRBMA. This consultation
protected a presentation on Leadership through Alex Norbash, MD observed through the Annual Craig Lecture cosponsored through the TRS Foundation and the TRBMA. This lecture on Value Based Radiology changed into

brought through Samir Patel Texas’s radiological society’s 107th annual meeting’s

The TRS Board of Directors for  protected President- Darlene Metter, MD,
President Elect- Karla , MD, 1st Vice President- Andrew Farach, MD, second Vice Avery, MD, Immediate Past President- Mark Montgomery, MD, Chief Councilor- Jay Parikh,

MD, and Executive Director Christy McDonald.

All had been in attendance on the 107th Meeting of the TRS. Rajeev Shah, MD, Treasurer and additionally a member of the Board of Directors changed into now no longer capable of attend
the meeting.

The Annual Awards Dinner changed into hung on Friday night time. The forty fourth Gold Medal of the TRS changed into offered to Susan John, MD Chair, Professor of Pediatric. iycos Radiology and John S.

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