Space traveler shark tank

Space traveler shark tank


Space traveler shark tank Space Traveler Update | Shark Tank Season eleven
Any determine who has taken their children on an extended street experience can attest that area is essential.

Kids will combat nonstop once they`re bored and confined, so

what`s the high-quality manner to deal with this?

Give every youngster their very own area! Entrepreneurs Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln have created this prototype to do precisely that. Will the sharks combat over this Season eleven pitch Find out in our Shark Tank Space Traveler update!

Shark Tank Space Traveler Update5 Facts and Update

Space Traveler became a concept idea by moms who had been searching out a manner to make vehicle journeys a touch extra manageable.

The co-founders of Space Traveler stepped out at the Shark Tank degree to give their concept for an investment. Want to recognize all approximately Space Traveler? Find out below.

1. Space Traveler became created by Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln.

The girls had been lifelong buddies because the 0.33 grade, that`s 30 years and counting once they went to third grade collectively in Covington, Louisiana.

2. Space Traveler became created in 2018 by the 2 buddies.Space’s traveler shark tank’s

Between Krissy`s three kids and Rachel`s 2 kids, the girls desired to parent out a want withinside the market.

Then it hit. When Krissy became taking place a go us of experience she desired to recognize how they would “live on the fighting” of the

3 kids. That is when the Space Traveler became born.

The Space Traveler compartmentalizes kids of their very own little spots withinside the lower back seat of your vehicle and with the creativity in those cubicles, we could their imaginations soar!

4. Krissy and Rachel began their commercial Space traveler shark’s tank’s

enterprise in storage and with common conferences in a Panera among their homes down in San Antonio, Texas in which they live.

5. Space Traveler is beneath neath the Bright Idea Designs LLC corporation.

They best lately began out Space Traveler’s and quickly got here upon the audition for Shark Tank’s on ABC.

The product is to be had for pre-order on their internet site which as of proper now could be on sale. They have a Facebook web page with 206 followers. It doesn`t appear to be they’ve every other social media channel.

Seeing as even though the product doesn`t seem to have any proprietary formats, we’re uncertain if this corporation will make it. We wish so even though, if not, perhaps every other concept will be paintings for them. iycos Space traveler shark tank’s

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