Society of janus events

Society of janus events

The History Undergraduate Association is the University of Maryland`s top-quality undergraduate records scholar society. Society of janus events

create a area for records majors Society of janus events

is to create a area for records majors, minors, and fanatics on the college to return back collectively and percentage their mutual hobby withinside the field.

In order to create this community,Society of janus events

we host a numerous choice of records-targeted occasions consisting of social hours, film nights and panel discussions open to all withinside the UMD community.

During this time of Covid HUA has

been reimagined to healthy our new hybrid university global, making the organisation on hand to college students studying each on and off-campus. To live up to date on our new membership layout and upcoming occasions observe us on social media! History Undergraduate Association (HUA) HUA Past Events

Curious approximately turning into a member?

Officers and Advisor Contact usĀ  Submit Email: umdjanus Instagram: umd janus Janus Journal Website Faculty Contact: Saverio Giovacchin JANUS

inset image Society of janus events

JANUS is the undergraduate magazine for records and the arts on the University of Maryland. We searching for to furnish undergraduate college students a voice withinside the educational global with the aid of using presenting them a danger to post their paintings and to take part officially in scholarly debate.

Our magazine’s namesake,

headed god of Roman mythology who seems forwards and backwards. He is older than the calendar and precedes the leader god of the Roman Pantheon, Jupiter. Janus is precise amongst Roman gods together along with his heads,

permitting him to appearance

each interior and outside, ahead and backward. Following the direction of time, Janus seems to the start and to the end, to the beyond and to the future. Janus is the passing of area and time.

His duality mirrors historic inquiry, analyzing the beyond with the understanding of the present.JANUS JANUS. iycos.History Officers and Advisors HUA and JANUS Events

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