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The Book and Snake Tomb in

The Society of Book and Snake (included because the Stone Trust Corporation)[1] is the fourth oldest mystery society at Yale University and become the primary society to induct ladies into its delegation.

Book and Snake become based on the Sheffield

Scientific School in as a three-yr society bearing the Greek letters Sigma Delta Chi. As different “Sheff” societies, it become as soon as residential and maintained a separate residential “cloister” at 1 Hillhouse Ave,

which become constructed in and deeded

to Yale after the group of the residential university system. Members who lived withinside the society residence, or “Cloister,” emerge as the Cloister Club.

Today, the constructing is the Yale University

Provost`s Office. A plaque honoring the society may be discovered on the primary ground of the constructing. The Book and Snake brand is a ee-e book surrounded with the aid of using the ouroboros.

Like different landed Yale societies,

Book and Snake owns its personal assembly corridor, or “tomb” on the nook of Grove St. and High St. As is subculture with the assembly locations of Yale mystery societies, the constructing is windowless and is typically to be had most effective to the cutting-edge contributors and alumni.

The society hosts invite-most effective events for different contributors of the senior elegance to attend.

Contents Social snake society

Architects of the Book & Snake Buildings Notable contributors See additionally  External links References

Architects of the Book & Snake Buildings

The Book and Snake Tomb stands on the nook of Grove St. and High St. in New Haven, CT, adjoining to the Yale Law School and the  Plaza. It become designed with the aid of using Louis R. , in Greek Ionic style. The the front door is modeled after the

Temple at the Acropolis in Athens.

Passersby will note wrought-iron snakes, or “caduceuses” redecorating the iron fence surrounding the property. The white marble temple, startling in its Classical Greek verisimilitude, is intentionally located with its again to the Yale campus;

alternatively its orientation going

through without delay throughout the road to the big Egyptian-revival gates of the Grove Street Cemetery, makes for an outstanding show of ancient, mortuary-themed solemnity.

The constructing stands about sixty

ft long, 40- ft  extensive and approximately 40 ft ft high, which includes testimonies and gable, the complete of Vermont marble, reduce smooth. Four Ionic pillars, additionally of marble, defend the bronze doors.

The former assembly vicinity of Book

and Snake become a residential corridor of the Sheffield Scientific School called the “Cloister”. H. Edwards Ficken designed the constructing . Today, the “Cloister” serves because the Yale University Provost’s Office at 1 Hillhouse Ave. Citation and image

Notable contributors Social snake society

Bill Nelson, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator (nominated with the aid of using President Biden), former United States Senator from Florida

Bill Nelson Social snake society

Bob Woodward, journalist, The Washington Post Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr, literary critic, Harvard professor Porter J. Goss, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,  Congressman John Campbell Greenway, General. Army, Mining Executive, husband of Isabella Greenway

Les Aspin, former Secretary of Defense

Nicholas F. Brady, former Secretary of the Treasury John Vernou Bouvier  Father of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Charles Rivkin, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Reed Hundt, former Chief Commissioner, Federal

Communications Commission

Sheila Ford Hamp, proprietor of the Detroit Lions William T. Bull, university soccer train and physician See additionally Collegiate mystery societies in North America

Information on Book and Snake

supplied Kris Millegan Behind the partitions of Yale’s mystery societies An Irrepressible Urge to Join
Guide to the Stone Trust Corporation, Yale University, Records RU

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