Secret duck society

Secret duck society

Secret duck society Welcome to the Secret Duck Society. All Ducks are identical, however a few are greater identical than others.

Out of the  Billion  viable candidates Secret duck society

those Ducks had been randomly decided on to shape the Secret Duck Society. It took a long term to take their portraits.. needed to get all of them in a row. Each duck represents a club to the SDS DAO.

We desire you experience the series.

Hey you! Ya you. Sitting in the front of the computer, with the helmet on. Let me inform you a touch secret. The Flock and I are constructing some thing new. After our best leader, Gary, led the high-quality migration from to , the low value of residing has caused an explosion in population. However, this delivered its very own set of conflicts: gang violence, disease, famine.

When the rolling blackouts began out hitting our network, that`s whilst all hell broke loose. Not earlier than long, our utopia become crumbling.

​As a result, a pick few folks have determined to shape the ‘Secret Duck Society’.

Our mandate is to manipulate and control the strings of strength withinside the for the betterment of ourselves. The value of club calls for the sacrifice of handiest a part of a SOL. A small fee to pay for salvation.

​This is your opportunity Secret duck society

​The Secret Duck Society is available in all shapes and colors. With over one hundred specific belongings and greater than a hundred and fifty Million viable combinations, we constructed an set of rules to randomly generate particular geese.

These geese make up the Secret Duck Society

NFT series going for walks at the Solana blockchain. In addition, there are over a hundred specific variants. The leader, Gary, determined at the strong flock migration to Solana in order that those geese have a greater cheap value of residing. And now, the geese need to manipulate the Solana metaverse!


Skilled swimmers and fliers, they are able to journey loads of miles every yr for the duration of their migrations. Like ducks, they fly in formation for safety and to lessen air resistance, and they are able to journey at speeds of as much as 60 miles in line with hour!

Duck Talk Secret’s duck society’s

Ducks use vocalizations and frame language to communicate. Researchers at Middlesex University London in Britain pronounced that geese actually have nearby accents, similar to people do. The scientists located that town geese have greater of a “shouting” quack in order that different birds can listen them above the hustle and bustle, whilst u . s . a . geese have softer voices.

A Lesson in Family Values

Geese are very loyal. They mate for lifestyles and are protecting in their companions and offspring. They`ll regularly refuse to go away the facet of a unwell or injured mate or chick, despite the fact that wintry weather is drawing near and the alternative ducks the organization are flying south.

When a goose`s mate dies,

that hen will mourn in seclusion and a few ducks spend the relaxation in their lives as widows or widowers, refusing to mate again. iycos This enduring bond become obvious in a chain of pics that went viral.

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