Plymouth astronomical society

Plymouth astronomical society

Plymouth astronomical society The Plymouth Astronomical Society meets on the second one Friday of every month on the University of Plymouth from September to July.

Society conferences are unfastened

to participants and site visitors are very welcome to wait at a value of £2 at the door. Please carry cash (alternate preferred) as we don’t have any card charge facilities.

All conferences are held withinside Plymouth astronomical society

the Rolle Building and there may be disabled get entry to to the venue. If the floor ground door is locked, please ring. Please touch PAS thru the webform for in addition information.

The discovery of Neptune, what`s new in an vintage story?

Brian Sheen, Director of the Roseland Observatory. A adventure thru a star: the astrophysics of stellar interiors – speaker: Dr Dimitar Vlaykov, Astrophysics Group, University of Exeter

Stellar mild is commonly fuelled through extreme nuclear reactions deep withinside the star`s interior. But this is simplest the start of the story. It can take numerous thousand years for a photon produced withinside the Sun`s center nowadays to attain its surface.

So what occurs to it withinside the meantime?

In this public communicate, we can take you on a excursion thru the fine details of the shape of stellar interiors — the unique methods that heat, mild and chemical factors are transported thru stellar layers earlier than they attain vacancy of outer area and start their adventure to our telescopes.

What sort of stars are there and the way do they evolve?

We will gift what we already recognize and train withinside the classroom. We may also contact at the nevertheless open questions that researchers are actively operating to answer.

following the route of the Sun withinside the sky  speaker: Mr Chris Cooke, Committee, Plymouth Astronomical Society This may be a brief communicate accompanied through the well-known Christmas Quiz! through David Wilton, PAS Chairman.

In what manner does the Sun resemble a kettle at the hob?

We are all aware about the Sun crossing the sky marking a ‘day’ and that the seasons alternate the duration of that day however there are different adjustments too and a easy tin can can report those diffused outcomes as a solargraph – a long time image of the Sun’s passage aleven though the sky measured in months now no longer hours.

Great variable stars

Mike Shearer, Member, Plymouth Astronomical Society. years of the International Astronomical Youth Camp Dr Dan Mortimer.iycos  Astrophysics Group, University of Exeter.

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