New game+ with my harem 3

New game+ with my harem 3

New game+ with my harem 3

New game+ with my harem 3 This sport`s were given me obsessed! It`s like it`s taken over my existence… wait—HARD MODE ACTIVATED. No-no-no-no-no! It has actually taken me and thrown me into the a part of Penelope Eckhart. Love is straightforward because the heroine, however because the hated villainess, I`m attempting very tough now no longer to die… on the fingers of my brothers… the prince… a fork… each viable finishing is death! This international is stacked towards me, however can my wits and insider sport understanding rating the love of those male characters? Or the reset button???

Behold, isekai otome sport opposite harem.: New game+ with my harem 3

Both characters were reincarnated as a villainous man or woman in an otome sport and the way will we understand that? The sport display pop up.

The distinction is that, in DIOEV the mc is reincarnated because the participant into the sport she performed simply in tough mode given that she’s the villainess. For LLIFIWRH however, she’s now no longer the participant and it looks as if a participant is presently in action.

katpatnat katpatnat says…: New game+ with my harem 3

they all are in a sport wherein its reversed harem . they may be each villians .and they are trying to get the primary leads attention

Caqu Caqu says…: New game+ with my harem 3

The mc are robust, and that they each are villaines, the tale is likewise awesome and there’s many warm boys

If you want opposite harem each are exquisite read

love how fl is smart and doesnt fall over heels over guys or accept as true with without problems

Both FL are reincarnated right into a video sport’s universe because the villain man or woman. They each should navigate the sector in a totally managed style nearly absolutely predetermined. Villains Are Destined to Die is basic a lot higher written and plenty greater intriguing. I charge Villains Are Destined to Die an 8/10, and I Fell right into a Reverse Harem Game! a 6/10.

Ch: 126+ 2020 – ?

After downing one too many glasses of wine one night, Songha wakes up withinside the international of her favourite novel as Empress Yulia. But being given the reins to an empire isn`t as interesting because it seems—the tyrannical Yulia will quickly meet a bloody destiny on the fingers of the captain of her non-public guards, Justo. Songha should consider a manner to opposite the occasions that lead as much as the coup d’état, for you to take region in only 3 days. She chooses to apply warm temperature and benevolence to attain out to a set of unswerving topics Yulia exiled, however will her approach be sufficient to win lower back the people`s accept as true with? Or will the empress`s surprising extrade in conduct increase even greater suspicion some of the rebels?

Reasons you would possibly like The Rebirth of a Tyrannical Empress…

I haven’t any phrases to even begin looking to describe how the ones memories suit every other. Of you certainly like one in all them and is suffering an excessive amount of attempting to find some thing similar, you maximum probable you furthermore mght experience the alternative.

MaybeM MaybeM says…

In each the primary characters keep the best or nearly the best energy of their country. Also in each the male leads are both their subordinates or individuals who keep lesser positions. All that is further to already apparent truth that each principal characters are robust and tremendously intelligent. Oh, additionally they each get reincarnated right into a shitty person(as a minimum on the time of reincarnation).

New game+ with my harem 3
New game+ with my harem 3

Another similarity will be the complete ruling and politics aspect, that’s quite properly found in each. Although it does play a lot greater substantial position from the start in The Rebirth of a Tyrannical Empress, at the same time as withinside the I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game! it profits its importance little deeper into the manhwa.

Ch: 358+ 2019 – ?

It`s frequently heard: “Third Princess! Third Princess! Your consorts are preventing again!” An overbearing lady CEO became transmigrated to a international wherein girls are advanced to guys. She awoke and determined that she all at once had seven husbands!!! She now no longer most effective had to participate withinside the energy warfare for the throne, however additionally cope with a harem of husbands who get without problems jealous everyday. “In order to seduce me, those guys use all forms of seductive tricks, or even controlled to make my coronary heart bypass a beat for them!”

SelfishLizard SelfishLizard says…

Both memories are isekai (did I spell it right) webcomics wherein the lady lead has been dropped into a brand new existence of royalty. Both comics have robust lady leads that accomplish stuff. Additionally, those webcomics centre in at the lady lead’s harem existence.

In Empress’s harem, gender roles were switched.

In It Looks Like I’ve Fallen Into the World of a Reverse Harem Game, the primary man or woman wears the pants in her relationships

In each memories you get to peer certainly lovable tender boys and their interactions with the primary man or woman

Empress’ Harem may be smutty

Ianna and Arhad had a lot in common. They each most effective cared approximately themselves, and have been madly obsessed on every other. The distinction is one desired the alternative’s warm temperature, and the alternative desired submission. Though Ianna’s existence led to a heated conflict towards Arhad, the Kingdom’s emperor, she is reincarnated into the identical existence for motives unknown. Two individuals who confronted distress of their preceding existence now have a threat to satisfy again. iycos Will the identical tragedy repeat itself, or can Ianna extrade the route of history?


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