Maharlika blogger

Maharlika blogger

MANILA, Philippines Vice presidential candidate Senator Francis Pangilinan filed a cyber libel criticism in opposition to YouTube channel “Maharlika” on  for spreading motion pictures that he stated meant to harm his and his own circle of relatives`s recognition.Maharlika blogger

 Pangilinan sued YouTube channels for libel.

In his modern-day criticism, Pangilinan stated that the motion pictures published of the YouTube channel Maharlika had no genuine basis, and had been meant most effective to harm the recognition of his political profession and personal life.

“More importantly,Maharlika blogger

the libelous motion pictures are intended to wreck the own circle of relatives. The libelous motion pictures aren’t most effective meant to harm my dating with my spouse however additionally intended to wreck my dating with our children,” Pangilinan stated.

Pangilinan additionally  Google,

which owns YouTube, ought to provide an explanation for how the motion pictures did now no longer violate its network requirements after its inactiveness to the senator`s repeated request to take down the

“libelous video content material.”

The senator formerly filed libel lawsuits in opposition to YouTube channels “Latest Chika” and “Starlet” in  for comparable fake motion pictures, which the web platform has given that taken down.

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Pangilinan is going for walks withinside the May elections, collectively with presidential candidate Vice President Leni Robredo.Robredo`s supporters in advance additionally filed a cyber libel criticism in opposition to a retired medical doctor for accusing her of giving coins to supporters who joined her caravan.

YouTube has been the hotbed for political

disinformation and incorrect information of numerous companies assisting sure politicians, consisting of the supporters of the own circle of relatives of the deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos, that distort ancient statistics and perpetuate myths approximately the Marcos own circle of relatives.

Earlier this year, over eighty fact

checking businesses international known as out YouTube in a signed open letter addressed to its CEO Susan Wojcicki for its failure to deal with the unfold of incorrect information and disinformation on its website. The businesses additionally known as for expanded motion to give up the unfold of facts at the platform.

Rappler, that’s a few of the eighty fact

checking businesses, says “it’s miles vital that YouTube introduces regulations on labeling fake facts on their platform as this can have an effect on the Philippines` presidential elections in Lorenz

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