Job posting blogger template

Job posting blogger template

A blog post is a single piece of content published on a blog, a shortened form of the now-archaic term weblog, which is an online platform for publishing . A blog can be a section of a website or a standalone website of its own.Job posting blogger template

The blog you’re currently reading

is an example of the former, while  is an example of the latter. Both are composed of blog posts, pieces of content that each cover a single topic and may but don’t have to! include images and videos alongside the written content.

Written content is a key component

of a blog post. A YouTube channel isn’t a blog because it’s purely video—it can be considered short for  Similarly, a feed of purely still images, like an Instagram account, isn’t a blog.

In the earlier days of social media,

when platforms like MySpace and Live Journal dominated the scene, blogging and social media were much more entwined than they are today. Now, they’re largely separate, though many bloggers promote and cross-post their work on their social media accounts to drive traffic to their blogs and promote their personal brand.

Types of blog postsJob posting blogger template

Blog posts can be standalone pieces or parts of a longer series. They also come in a variety of formats:

How-toJob posting blogger template

In a how-to blog post, the blogger explains the steps the reader needs to take to complete a task. Recipe blog posts are a popular example of a how-to blog post.

List-basedJob posting blogger template

Also known as a “listicle,” a of list and article, a list-based blog post is one that’s organized as a list of related entries.

This could be a list of products,

historical events, quotes, images, or unusual and intriguing facts, the kind of listicle made famous. You’ll find list-based posts on lots of blogs, like  and right here on the Grammarly blog.

News article

A news article blog post links to a trending news article and provides the blogger’s thoughts on that news article. It isn’t just a repost of the news article; it includes insights that build upon, speculate about, agree, or disagree with the information covered in the news article.


In this kind of post, the blogger introduces a person they’ve interviewed and provides some background information about the interviewee and their work.

Following this is a transcript of the interview, sometimes interspersed with additional information written by the blogger. You can find interviews on many different blogs, such as


In a review post, the blogger reviews a movie, video game, TV show, book, product . . . anything, really. is a well-known example of a blog that focuses on product review posts.

A review post can focus on one product or piece of media or it can be structured like a list-based post. You can find examples of the latter on  where they often review design software and website platforms.


A personal blog post, like a is where the author discusses their personal experiences, thoughts, and +or opinions. Usually, you’ll find these kinds of posts on personal blogs rather than corporate or professional blogs.

However, a blogger who usually publishes other kinds of blog posts might publish personal blog posts from time to time to build a more personal connection with readers.


An explainer blog post is similar to a how-to blog post in that it provides a thorough, objective explanation of its topic. The difference is that this kind of blog post isn’t necessarily presented in a linear, step-by-step format and doesn’t necessarily explain how to complete a task.

This type of blog post might explain

the social and economic trends that led to a specific historical event or the basics of a given topic. contains lots of explainer posts, such as a piece on how to keep your cryptocurrency secure.

Sometimes, blogs publish lengthy

explainer posts that aim to provide comprehensive overviews of their topics. These blog posts are often labeled “ultimate guide” or something similar.


As the name implies, an image-based blog post is a post that focuses on images. The post could be an infographic or it could be a post consisting of multiple images.

No matter which it is, it contains at least some copy to give the reader some context for the images—that’s what makes it a blog post and not an image gallery.

How to write a blog post

Ready to Follow these steps to write a great post and effectively reach your target audience.

Set up your blog

Before you can write a blog post, you need to actually have a blog. If you already have a website, find out if you can create a blog on the platform you’re using.

Many of the templates available

on widely used website platforms like and Joomla make it easy for you to start blogging right on your website. If you aren’t able to create a blog through your web hosting design plat formor if you don’t have a website  you’ll need to build your blog from scratch.

There are lots of ways to do this Job posting blogger template

some involving more technical skills than others. You can opt for an out-of-the-box platform like or , or you can go with a more DIY option like WordPress. Setting up your blog means determining. iycos. a budget for your blog. You’ll need to pay for the following:

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