How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2 Water might also additionally drain out of the cover drain, then drain down the front of the sprint panel withinside the engine compartment and seep into the HVAC module condensate drain tube opening.

Open the hood and discover the HVAC module condensate drain tube withinside the engine compartment at the proper aspect of the sprint panel. How to Jump AC Compressor Clutch Correctly

What Causes AC Clutch Not to Engage?

Before we get into information at the motives for the AC seize now no longer to have interaction, it’s far more important to have a few statistics approximately the AC seize.

An AC seize is what makes the AC compressor flip.

It is hooked up to the flywheel with an accent belt, and this is the way it receives its power. The AC seize is managed with the aid of using a seize machine.

The shaft is joined to the flywheel`s How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

rotating shaft with the aid of using an electromagnetic transfer. The AC seize is part of the AC compressor, the coronary heart of the Air conditioning machine. Therefore, the machine desires to be usually nicely maintained for it to supply a fulfilling cooling result.

When the use of the car`s air situation,

its air situation compressor has to be activated. As we said earlier, to begin compressor turning, the size has to be energized and engaged to the spinning pulley.

The compressor seize includes How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

friction plate located adjoining an electromagnetic coil. When the person presses the AC button, the electromagnetic coil is energized and connected to the pump rotor with the aid of using robust electromagnetic force. It ultimately makes the compressor flip and compresses the refrigerant.

Now that we’ve understood approximately an AC seize and the way it paintings?

Let us now speak of motives that could motivate the AC to seize now no longer have interaction.

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Like another mechanical devices, the AC compressor has to have a lubricant among its inner components to save you from metallic-to-metallic contact. This is the painting of oil withinside the compressor. Therefore, if the oil degree is getting low, the AC will robotically close the compressor off.

Excess Refrigerant: If the machine

has refrigerant overcharge, the seize will now no longer be engaged. This prevents the temperature from growing and damages the compressor. AC machines have to have a sure quantity of refrigerant rate to perform nicely.

Low Refrigerant How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

This is not an unusual place cause why the AC seize isn’t enticing. When the refrigerant degree is going low, the low-stress transfer prevents the compressor from rotating. It, therefore, fails to guard the inner components of the compressor against getting broken.

Lockout on Clutch Sensors:

Most contemporary-day vehicles have their AC clutches growing to become ON and OFF with the usage of excessive stress, low-stress switches, and the degree of the compressor oil. If this type of 3 components has defected, then the size will by no means be engaged.

Burnt Fuse/Bad Relay How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

In your car`s fuse box, discover the air confuse and take it out. Test it’s far the usage of a multimeter to ensure it’s far operating nicely. This is likewise the equal manner of the way to check the ac seize relay.

How to Examine the AC Compressor Clutch?

Suppose the compressor seize isn’t enticing; that is how to test the AC compressor seized. If the pump isn’t operating, the compressor will now no longer flip. When this happens, it way that there may be no refrigerant circulating in the complete machine, and the AC machine will now no longer paint nicely.

Examining the AC compressor isn’t a hard task.

First, flip ON the AC and fan to the maximum. Start the engine, after which appearance if the seize and the pulley are running. If the pulley is the handiest element spinning,

it was that the seize is broken, and the AC will now no longer paint nicely. Let us now discover ways to manually interact with the AC compressor seized.

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As we mentioned what could make the seize now no longer interact nicely, is one in every one of them becomes excessive/low oil stress switches that save the compressor from being broken because of terrible running conditions.

Therefore, to test whether or not the compressor

has long gone terribly or now no longer, disconnects its connector cable from different components. Using a voltammeter, join it to the connector and degree the battery voltage and the ground. If there aren’t any readings, you then definitely want to test the AC relay and fuse.

Make Sure the Compressor Have Sufficient Oil

One of the necessary tests earlier than enticing the seize manually is the presence of a sure degree of oil withinside the AC compressor. This may be visible from the glass shown withinside the compressor.

Check the perfect degree with the aid of using making it above the crimson line. If the oil is insufficient, upload a few oils with equal specifications because the person guides states.

Set the Amount of Refrigerant How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

The AC compressor must have a sure quantity of refrigerant that meets the manufacturer`s requirements. This makes the appropriate load at the inner compressor components and forestalls them from damage.

Measure the refrigerant with the stress gauge hooked up at the excessive-stress and low-stress rail of the AC. Compare it with the advocated cost and attempts to stabilize them.

Jump Start the Clutch How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

After making all of the above tests, you want to understand a way to interact with the seize manually. At the compressor`s front aspect, unplug the unmarried cord connector. iycos How to test ac 2006 Saturn ion 2.2

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