How to simulate bolt thread ansys orientation

How to simulate bolt thread ansys orientation

How to simulate bolt thread Ansys orientation A beneficial characteristic added in Ansys Mechanical Workbench is the cap potential to version bolt threads the usage of contacts in preference to modeling the real thread geometry in Workbench.

Modeling and meshing threaded

the interface is a time-ingesting and tough evaluation and generally may be pointless while the bolt is used clearly as a method to switch loads.

In the brand new Ansys update, bolt threads may be applied however additionally significantly simplified via the usage of the Contact Geometry.

Make use of the Bolt Thread Geometry

To employ the Bolt Thread Geometry Correction the consumer will version directly cylinders for the threaded part of the bolt interface. Contacts are set up consistent with typical after which below the info segment the consumer defines the thread houses as proven withinside the parent below.

Things to Note on Modeling Bolt Threads

There are some matters to recognize approximately this option. First, all touch-kind settings are to be had besides Bonded. Also, to achieve extra correct consequences, it’s miles advocated that the mesh pleasant withinside the threaded vicinity is at least 1/four of the pitch distance.

Create-surprisingly-delicate-mesh-SimuTech-Group How to simulate bolt thread ansys orientation

The Bolt Thread Geometry Correction saves huge time through now no longer having to version the threads and create a surprisingly delicate mesh.

Likewise, clear-up instances are an awful lot faster with the usage of this option and the consequences are close to the accuracy of a real threaded-bolt version.

As the figures illustrate above, the max pressure from each analysis is nearly identical and the pressure contour bands’ appearance is very similar.

Contact for Additional Ansys Mechanical and/or Bolt Thread Support

Finally, we are hoping that you could make efficient use of the Bolt Thread Webinar and assist assets in your Ansys Mechanical models.

For extra information, or to request engineering know-how for a selected use-case state of affairs surrounding bolt thread creation,iycos. iterative layout simulations, or bolt overall performance evaluation, please touch us here. How to simulate bolt thread ansys orientation

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