How to say when in Spanish

How to say when in Spanish

How to say when in Spanish The idea of time, again and again, seems in our day-by-day conversations.

Therefore, one of the vital belongings you want to grasp whilst gaining knowledge of a brand new language is a way to make correct statements on time. In conversation, you’ll locate that to gain this detail of communication, we use the phrase “whilst” which interprets as Cuando.

How to Say “When” In Spanish

Cuándo pronounced may be utilized in numerous ways. Below are the maximum, not unusual place ones. In questions, direct and oblique, it`s spelled cuándo. In different statements, it`s spelled Cuando.

Questions How to say when in Spanish

The phrase is used to make inquisition concerning the time whilst regarding someone or an item. These can both be an instantaneous or oblique interrogative questions. Direct Questions in Spanish

 When are you traveling?

This is an instantaneous question, and it portrays a sure stage of familiarity with the individual you’re speakme to. The language used expresses previous know-how of an individual`s plans to travel, and this acts as an affirmation of the precise dates. Other direct questions include: Indirect Questions in Spanish

Could you notify me whilst the supervisor arrives?

As an oblique question, the above sentence is visible to have a gentler technique for getting records. As such, it’s miles seemed because of the satisfactory opportunity in expert settings.

It is ok to finish that whoever is making the request does now no longer have any records at the feasible time of arrival of the supervisor. It indicates complete interdependence on any other individual, typically a person you don`t recognize very well.

Talking About Occasions How to say when in Spanish

You can use Cuando whilst you need to unmarried out a selected time whilst something came about. This can both be because of addiction or circumstances.

It also can be used to reminisce approximately an occasion that came about and create an affiliation between the time and something widespread or one which you recall. Cuando as a Conjunction

The phrase Cuando is used to create a concord between an occasion and time. These factors are typically in extraordinary clauses. In this case, Cuando is a hyperlink between irritating and an activity.

Present How to say when in Spanish

This is used for various things and situations. The irritating expresses something that takes place habitually or without a whole lot of effort, an everlasting state, or something that occurs without a prompt.


Notarás que estas luces parpadean cuando l. a. abres. – You`ll word that those lighting flash whilst you open it.

Past How to say when in Spanish

There are extraordinary layers to this irritation with every masking of a selected stage of action. The trendy overall performance of its miles sports which have already been completed,

people who have been non-stop withinside the past. At times, it’s miles used to reveal that one issue turned into accomplished or came about earlier than any other one commenced.


Todos se pusieron de pie cuando ella entró en l. a. habitación. iycos Everybody stood up whilst she walked into the room. How to say when in Spanish

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