How to say low moods in Spanish

How to say low moods in Spanish

How to say low moods in Spanish I`m fine, thanks”. This is one of the first matters we learn the way to mention in an overseas language. But what in case you aren`t?

What if the solution to ¿Como estás? is “I`m unhappy”? What in case you`re unhappy and need explicit

your sincere feelings in Spanish?

Spanish-speakme cultures are probably stereotyped as continually being happy, jolly, and equipped for lifestyles, however, that`s now no longer continually the case. Humans have the proper sense of unhappiness and are defeated occasionally! Let`s test a few, not unusual place phrases that Spanish audio systems may use if they need to be explicit they may be unhappy.

1. Estoy triste How to say low moods in Spanish

One of the numerous makes use of the verb Estar (to be) in Spanish is to explain feelings. Here, Estoy approach “I am” and triste approach “unhappy”.

In this case, you don`t want to fear approximately girl or male adjective endings (as you will with bonito and Bonita – Spanish for “beautiful”), as triste applies to each gender.

2. Estoy bajo(a) de ethical How to say low moods in Spanish

The literal meaning of this expression is “I`m low in morale.” Use bajo and Baja in step with your gender. As you could have guessed with the aid of using now, this expression is specifically suited for the instances wherein your feeling of motivation isn’t at its best.

3. Estoy/Me siento desanimado(a)

You can use this word and Estoy bajo de ethical interchangeably, because its approach is “I am / I sense discouraged.”

For example, in case your boss is treating you unfairly, you would possibly sense unmotivated to move that more mile at your activity or maybe simply display up at work. The identical may occur in case you`re taking longer than you`d anticipated attaining your non-public desires or in case you`re having a hassle dating.

4. Me siento derrotado(a)

This one`s pretty serious: derrotado(a) is the Spanish phrase for “defeated”. Use it while it appears lifestyles are continuously or closely getting you down, mainly in case you sense like you`ve been given no manipulation over a state of affairs that continues going incorrect once more and once more.

5. Me siento decaído(a)

Sometimes we sense bodily and psychologically fallen, nearly as though we`re in decline. The phrase decaído(a) may imply that something is in decline, decayed, depressed, or faded. It`s any other manner to explicit a terrible emotion that has been taking a toll on your spirit.

6. Estoy sin ganas de hacer nada

This expression approach is “I don`t sense like doing anything”. Of course, it may be used even if you`re now no longer unhappy. But you may pair it up

with another expression in this listing to reveal you`re now no longer laid low with laziness, but alternatively unhappiness. You may need to upload: Me Siento sin Energia

7. Estoy de bajón How to say low moods in Spanish

Similarly to Estoy bajo(a) de ethical, the expression Estoy de bajón approaches you`re feeling weird, out of balance. Perhaps you`re going through a low factor in your lifestyle, you`re feeling dark and out of place.

Nevertheless, this additionally assumes you`re going thru a phase, a transient nation to pass. Even groups and matters may be de bajón, now no longer simply individuals. For example, in case your soccer crew goes thru a sequence of defeats, they are probably due bajón.

8. Me siento melancólico(a)

Feeling melancholic isn’t continually darkish: it`s an exciting form of unhappiness that recalls a beyond we cannot recover, wonders approximately the means of lifestyles and the way speedy time flies. When you discover yourself in this nation of thoughts and want the assistance of a friend, explain it with Me siento melancólico(a).

9. Estoy deprimido(a)

You may have guessed that this expression refers to depression. Some humans even use the expression Estoy de (quick for deprimido) while handling excessive hopelessness, unhappiness, and fatigue, however,

this will be perceived as impolite or insensitive in the direction of those who have been surely recognized with scientific depression. Use it carefully!

10. Me siento hundido(a)

Feeling drowned in your issues or strongly demoralized? Hundido(a) is the Spanish phrase for “sunk”, so it expresses a sense of unhappiness and hopelessness that occasionally can visit us.

But why are you unhappy?

Here`s an advantage tip! If you`d want to explain in Spanish why you`re unhappy withinside the first place, upload the phrase porque to the sentences we`ve listed. Here are a few examples you may use, as they`re quite not unusual places:

Estoy triste porque me despidieron.

I`m unhappy due to the fact I became fired.
Estoy bajo de ethical porque he tenido algunos problemas familiares. – I`m low in morale due to the fact I`ve been having a few own circle of relatives issues.
Me siento desanimada porque no tengo dinero – I sense discouraged due to the fact I don`t have money.
Me siento derrotado porque todo parece salir mal.iycos – I sense defeated due to the fact the entirety appears to move incorrectly. How to say low moods in Spanish

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