How to say butt in Spanish

How to say butt in Spanish

How to say butt in Spanish The software allows you to examine new vocabulary and grammar standards from films like film clips and tune films. Save phrases to flashcards, study transcripts, and assessment vocabulary with personalized quizzes and greater at the FluentU immersion software.

Whether it`s a grimy phrase or an enterprise term, FluentU has a contextual video dictionary a good way to outline any phrase immediately from the video`s subtitles, and train you whilst and a way to use it withinside the proper contexts.

1. Sapo How to say butt in Spanish

There`s no manner to keep away from the crassness, irrespective of your context or technically ideal Spanish. If you`re now no longer speakme to biologists, perhaps you can faux you handiest recognize the phrase for the frog.

I say you address this head-on, though. No fear. Make the medical community proud with the aid of using unabashedly the use of unique language no matter the consequences.

2. Concha
Clean meaning: Seashell

If you didn`t recognize that Tasmania is formed like that, now you do—forever. You`re welcome. This phrase makes appearances in lots of express terms used to curse humans out, such as “¡Concha [de] tu Madre!” and the weirder “¡Concha [de] Los Angeles Lora!”

3. Perra
Clean meaning: Female canine

This darn gendered language looks like it`s designed to reason those troubles on purpose. You robotically should outline a canine as a male or lady canine whilst speakme, both a perro or perra.

In English, we’ve got our very own vulgar phrase that technically method “lady canine” however is nearly in no way used for that reason. Spanish uses “lady canine” for every other insult, namely “a lady of unfastened morals” or “an unfastened lady who`s had many lovers.”

4. Commerce
Clean meaning: To consume

This one brought about my personal, all-time favored Spanish embarrassment story. While speakme to my Ecuadorian homestay’s circle of relatives a Spanish magnificence venture involving “La caperucita roja,”

I did a metaphorical faceplant after speakme approximately how the wolf eats the grandmother. Talk approximately reinventing conventional stories. I will in no way overlook the sound of 8 Quiteños gigglings hysterically at my Spanish blunder.

5. Rica
Clean meaning: Wealthy, delicious

You could make a comparable mistake in case you`re nonetheless complicated ser and estar and need to explain a person as “an excellent person.”

If you assert that “Ella está Buena” as a substitute for “Ella es Buena,” appearance out for a few raised eyebrows—you simply stated that “She`s a warm piece of tail,” now no longer that “She`s an excellent human being.”

6. Culo vs. Nalga vs. Trasero
Clean meaning: Butt

Okay, the dirtiness right here is a result of a not-unusual place mix-up among the 2 phrases indexed above. Culo is a raunchy phrase that impressionable Spanish inexperienced persons regularly select out with the aid of using taking note of an excessive amount of reggaeton.

Nalga is a greater benign phrase means that something akin to “butt,” “butt cheeks” whilst plural, and “lil` butt cheeks” whilst phrased greater diminutively as Lagunitas—however regardless of being greater anatomical, it`s nonetheless fairly crude.

7. Grasa
Clean meaning: Fat, oil How to say butt in Spanish

Again, that is every other case of phrase mix-ups. You may also have found out that grass technically method fats, however, that doesn`t imply you ought to consult with your very own frame fats or a person else`s in that manner.

Instead say, “Tengo unas Libras de más” as opposed to pointing to yourself and speakme approximately nasty, greasy lard.

8. Huevos
Clean meaning: Eggs How to say butt in Spanish

You can constantly use huevos in case you need to ensure you don`t bungle this one up. In a few countries—I am handiest aware of this taking place in elements of Mexico—a few local audio systems defer to Blancos whilst they`re discussing eggs.

9. Pelotas
Clean meaning: Smaller balls utilized in wearing events

You can speakme approximately tennis equipment, however, this may in no way now no longer be funny.

10. Bolas
Clean meaning: General ball-formed gadgets, balls used for wearing events, safe-to-eat balls of food

There isn’t any Spanish phrase for sports-associated balls that isn`t funny. Sorry. This unique phrase is two times as terrible due to the fact you may additionally consume bolas in lots of elements of the Spanish-speakme world. Suddenly, will become a risky question.

11. Chorizo
Clean meaning: Sausage How to say butt in Spanish

Your domestic u. s. a . doesn`t matter—it`s a part of human nature to perceive vaguely phallic-formed gadgets and chuckle at them.iycos  We all recognize what a sausage seems like, and all of us recognize what that phrase can imply withinside the proper context. How to say butt in Spanish

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