How to pronounce rapport

How to pronounce rapport

How to pronounce rapport In excessive school, I had a stressful enjoy regarding the phrase colonel. My therapist cautioned that I speak about my issues with actual human beings, so I`ve determined to air the activities of my beyond with the Internet.

In an attempt to keep away from destiny exile, I compiled a listing of all of the phrases with easily-forgotten silent letters. They won’t be as wretched as colonel however maximum of them are nonetheless quite cringe-worthy.

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 1) Depot (n.): a railroad or bus station; an area in which components are stored

“Meet me on the dee-pot!” stated one unsuspecting Tyler, proper earlier than her pal snickered over the telecellsmartphone and answered,

“Meet you in which?”

Pronouncing the “t” on the quit of the depot is a not unusual place mistake; in contrast wrangle depot`s “t” doesn`t have the possibility to combo in with letters around it, stopping you from getting away together along with your huge error. Remember: it`s dee-POE, just like the poet, now no longer dee-POT like that component you prepare dinner pasta in.

2) Rapport (n.): a harmonious connection or relation

Similar to the depot, rapport has a silent “t” that must be ignored, much like your homework or your responsibilities.

As one Internet commenter so flawlessly positioned it, “as it comes from French, the language of silence and needless complexity.”

Okay, I delivered the “needless complexity” part, however best to make the declaration extra accurate. With the “t” out of the picture, this phrase sounds extra like “rap-pore” than “rapport.”

3) Phlegm (n.): thick mucus discharged via the mouth

If you have been capable of getting beyond that incredible definition, congratulations: you`ve made it farther than the maximum.

Here`s an amusing tidbit to praise you for all of your difficult work: phlegm comes from the Latin phrase phlegm, which becomes blended with the Old French phrase “flume.”

The difficult “g” sound was given misplaced on this transition, ensuing withinside the disgusting version that we’ve got today. To make subjects worse, the “g” continues to be stated in a number of the phrase`s different forms, like phlegmatic.

4) Mnemonic (adj.): helping or meant to help the memory

What if I instructed you that the mnemonic began out off as a typo? That a slipshod scribe wrote down the first “m” via way of means of twist of fate and become too lazy to move returned and attach it?

Would you agree with me? No? How to pronounce rapport

Good. Because that`s now no longer what happened. The actual tale is a great deal much less interesting. From the Greek phrase mnemonics, meaning “of or concerning memory,” mnemonic refers to any tool or approach that allows you to recall something.

It`s maximum usually used on checks for remembering difficult-to-understand listing items. Mnemonic gadgets are first-rate for one’s types of things, till you memorize 4 or 5 of them and turn out to be forgetting what all of them stand for.

5) Receipt (n.): a written or published How to pronounce rapport

Back withinside the day  English scholars, in an try to repopularize Latin, ran around including greater letters to phrases like “debt” and “receipt” to hyperlink them returned to their Latin roots.

Rather than extrude their pre-hooked-up pronunciation of the phrase, human beings determined to genuinely forget about those new letters, and endured to pronounce “receipt” as “recent.” This is exactly why we can`t have quality things, the Internet. This is why.

6) Wrangle (v.): to have a protracted and complex dispute

I promised I could come to return to this phrase, so right here it goes. While the mysterious “w” in wrangle is difficult to mispronounce,

it`s very smooth to reduce to rubble on paper, and your English instructor will don’t have any trouble etching the “w” into your paper in purple pen to remind you what you probably did wrong.

7) Corps (n.): a prepared part of the military How to pronounce rapport

“Oh, corps, why do you hate me so? Why do you sense the want to taunt me with silent letters in preference to one?

What did I ever do to you??”How to pronounce rapport

This is the communication I have in my head on every occasion this phrase pops up.

As if one silent letter wasn`t terrible enough, corps drops each the “p” and the “s” whilst it`s stated, growing a phrase that sounds extra like “core” than “corpse.”

I don`t surely hate much stuff in lifestyles except perhaps coconut flavoring, however, silent letters are too obnoxious to forget about.

Well, technically you do forget about them while you pronounce the phrase. . .however. . .you realize what I mean. iycos Featured photograph thru How to pronounce rapport

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