How to pronounce nonchalance

How to pronounce nonchalance

How to pronounce nonchalance There isn’t any phrase chalant in English. Nonchalant comes from an Old French phrase nonchaloir, meaning “to disregard.” That phrase comes from non-, meaning “now no longer,” + chair, meaning “to concern.”

If you need a phrase meaning the alternative of nonchalant, each involved and involved can do the job.

Is nonchalant a horrific or bad thing?

Nonchalance may be both bad and positive. The phrase describes a person who’s comfortable and calm in a manner that suggests that they do now no longer care or aren’t concerned approximately something.

If a person is nonchalant approximately some other person`s ache or trouble, the phrase has a particular bad connotation. But if a person effectively projects a hard mission and is defined as nonchalant, their calmness and comfortable way may be admirable.

If they fail in that mission, however, the reality that they have been nonchalant will probably be a complaint and reason behind their failure.

What does it suggest when a person is nonchalant?

Someone who’s nonchalant is comfortable and calm, both due to the fact they do now no longer care approximately something or due to the fact they’re now no longer concerned approximately something.COOL might also additionally suggest calmness, deliberateness, or dispassionateness.

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COMPOSED implies freedom from agitation because of the strength of will or a sedate disposition.

the composed pianist gave a faultless concert

COLLECTED implies attention to thoughts that get rid of distractions mainly in moments of crisis.

the nurse stayed calm and collected

UNRUFFLED shows obvious serenity and poise withinside the face of setbacks or the midst of the excitement.

harried however unruffled How to pronounce nonchalance

IMPERTURBABLE implies coolness or guarantee even beneath neath excessive provocation.

the speaker remained imperturbable regardless of the heckling
NONCHALANT stresses a smooth coolness of way or casualness that shows indifference or unconcern.

 nonchalant driver Example Sentences

In the stories of the ones, we already discover the characteristics the sector could come to understand as “Kafkaesque”: the nonchalant intrusion of the weird and terrible into regular life, the subjection of regular human beings to an inscrutable fate.

Adam Kirsch, New York Times Book Review, four Jan

watch his iron-subsidized posture as he rides a horse and concentrates on the nonchalant manner in which, now no longer barking but talking he says “Fire” to the road of infantry, like a person soliciting for a light.

John Updike, New Yorker How to pronounce nonchalance

He and Anita stay in a gated community, surrounded by high, vine-blanketed walls, redolent of Wrigley,iycos that include a golfing membership and an appealing thicket of huge houses. How to pronounce nonchalance

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