How to draw a scroll

How to draw a scroll

How to draw a scroll An object like this could be paper or parchment and may be drawn for quite a few special matters. For instance, you may use it to reveal the peace of ancient writing or as a magic object in a video recreation.

The drawing within reason is easy however you ought to nonetheless begin it in pencil and make mild traces that are clean to erase if you do want to correct it. You can darken them in a while with a black pen or marker.

Step 1 – Draw the Curve of the Scroll

In this situation, the scroll could be drawn in a 3/four view. Start by creating a wavy line to reveal its ahead dealing with an edge.

Step 2 – Set the Width With a Second Curve

To set the width of the scroll draw a 2nd wavy line to reveal its different edges. This one ought to now no longer move as a long way down because it could be partly included through the lowest roll in later steps.

Step 3 – Draw the Curls How to draw a scroll

Extend the wave line for the front aspect of the scroll to create curls on every one of its ends as proven withinside the instance.

Step 4 – Draw the RollsDraw  How to draw a scroll

a couple of rolls (the paper/parchment rolling up into what seem like cylinders), one for the pinnacle, and one at the lowest. Try and draw those in a manner in which the long-way fringe of the scroll seems a chunk smaller than the front one.

Step 5 – Finish the Line Drawing

To end the road drawing first upload the pinnacle and backside edges of the scroll internal to every one of the rolled-up portions. Next, verify that you are glad about the manner matters appearance and make any tweaks/adjustments if necessary.

Once you experience what you are glad together along with your drawing so far move in advance and hint over it with a black pen or marker. If you don`t manifest to have one round certainly darken them with the pencil.

Step 6 – Color the Scroll How to draw a scroll

To shadeation, the scroll makes it a mild yellow. Also, to make the drawing appearance much less flat you may supply it with a chunk of shading as proven withinside the instance.

Slightly darken the regions withinside the rolled-up sections in addition to the bottoms of those elements as proven withinside the instance.

A clean manner to shadeation the scroll is with pencils, paints, or any technique that lets in for pretty mild colors (markers may be a chunk too bright). You can then upload the shadows over the pinnacle with mild brown, gray, or orange shadeation.


The scroll proven on this education may be drawn for a sort of matter. For instance, it may be used to symbolize a few types of ancient textual content or an object in a myth-themed recreation or show. Drawing it ought to be pretty easy, especially with the furnished suggestions and examples.

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