How to draw a jacket

How to draw a jacket

How to draw a jacket The jacket in this example has a fairly common and simple design to make it easier to draw. You can see a preview of the drawing stages in the illustration above.

Start the tutorial in pencil and make light lines that are easy to erase in case you need to correct them. You can darken them with a black pen or marker before coloring.

Step 1 – Draw Half of the Jacket’s Main Body

Jacket vest half drawing

Begin by drawing the first half of the main body of the jacket. At this stage, it will look like half of a vest or a sleeveless shirt. Make it slightly wider towards the shoulders.

Step 2 – Draw the Second Half

Jacket vest drawing

Draw the second half of the “vest” mirroring the first half with a bit of space between the two for the zipper (added in a later step).

Step 3 – Draw the Sleeves How to draw a jacket

Jacket sleeves drawing

Add a pair of sleeves coming out of each of the two halves drawn in the previous steps. Try and keep these somewhat symmetrical for a nicer-looking drawing.

Step 4 – Draw the Collar How to draw a jacket

Jacket collar drawing

At the top of the jacket add the collar. Make its overall shape slightly narrower as it goes up.

Step 5 – Draw the Hem

Jacket hem drawing

At the bottom add the hem and extend the zipper area downwards to go through its middle.

Step 6 – Draw the Cuffs How to draw a jacket

Jacket cuffs drawing

For this quick step add a cuff at the end of each of the sleeves.

Step 7 – Title Zipper & Finish the Line Drawing

Jacket line drawing

For the final part of the jacket add the zipper. You can see a close-up drawing of it below. Zipper drawing step by step

While the zipper is not particularly complex it may be hard to draw when it’s very small. If you find this to be the case you can simplify it even further as shown in this next example.

Jacket zipper simple drawing You can leave out all of the smaller parts and just outline the two main shapes.

Once you add the zipper you can trace over your lines with a thin black pen, marker, or darker pencil lines. Just be sure that you are happy with your drawing before doing so as you may not be able to make corrections afterward.

Step 8 – Color the Jacket

Jacket drawing

To color the jacket you can use any colors/medium (paints, markers, colored pencils, etc…) you like. In this case, it will be blue with a bit of shading for the inner part of the collar. You can add this as a gradient that gets lighter as it goes up.


The jacket in this example is not particularly complex. It has a fairly common design with the parts that such clothing items usually have.iycos Hopefully, you’ve found it easy to draw. 

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