How do myths and legends shape a society

How do myths and legends shape a society

how had been myths and legends used to give an explanation for the herbal international earlier than science what function do myths play withinside the cultural sports of a society how do myths offer existence with which means. How do myths and legends shape a society

do myths and legends set up ethical tips for living?

essential questioning questions call as a minimum approaches our subculture might be specific if we had no myths and legends. do you watched existence might be better, the same, or worse

the bogeyman may be located everywhere

in the international. describe how the bogeyman is portrayed in our subculture. consider a man or woman trait you agree with is crucial in a person. now describe a fantasy or legend from our subculture that boosts the significance of the trait. the viking model of the afterlife changed into an extension of

what changed into crucial to them on earth:

bravery in war. describe what the afterlife would possibly appear like to a subculture that valued a subject of your choosing. ideas: wealth, peace, knowledge, entertainment, independence, etc. foods and drinks are regularly the items of fantasy and legend. describe a meals or drink that a traveler to our  would possibly assume changed into sacred to us

Myth and legends offer our society with preliminary

rationalization on why a sure occurrences came about and creates a sure widespread of what taken into consideration as proper and incorrect.
This fee of proper or incorrect regularly utilized by every participants of society to shape widespread of behaviors that regular in that society.

Most Myth and legends offer rationalization on Natural international because the fruit of interplay among Gods and Humans.When we found religions in historical greek and Hindu civilization for example, we are able to locate many attempt to give an explanation for herbal catastrophe together

 Many participants of a society used

Therefore, the fee that they take from the parable is used to provide fee/which means to their very own non-public lives. Yes. Even aleven though they do it indirectly, myths and legends are very influential withinside the status quo of ethical standards.

In indian society, there may be a legendary

determine referred to as lord Krishna who additionally is going through the names Govinda and Gopala (which can be translated as protector of the cow) due to the legends, ingesting cows in that society is taken into consideration as morally incorrect. I agree with it might be better.

If myths and legends by no means exist How do myths and legends shape a society

the clinical development in societies will come a great deal quicker with much less resistence Myth and legends regularly contributed to struggle among social agencies because of inherent specific in fee that derived from their very own attitude fantasy/legends

Myth and legends regularly grow to be the premise

for that society to unfairly handled a sure organization of society.In American Cutlrue, boogey guy is used to explain a creature or folks who are hiding close to your non-public area and looking forward to the possibilities to return back and harm you.

If we found different cultures, we might locate comparable legendary determine together with Bokkenrijders in netherlands and Sack guy in spain.

 I will select out bravery because the man or woman trends.

This trends is bolstered via the tale of Beowulf that exist in english talking nations, which make contributions to the formation of a sure perfect of ways a person preferably need to behave whilst dealing with the troubles of their ordinary existence.

 Since vikings noticeably fee bravery in war,How do myths and legends shape a society

the concept in their afterlife is an area wherein the soldiers who bravely died in battlefield changed into venerated and dominated withinside the corridor that managed through Odin the God of

War If the subculture fee matters

together with peace, i agree with their concept of an afterlife might be an utopian region wherein now no longer a unmarried.iycos  hatred exist inside their participants.

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