Genshin traveling horned owl

Genshin traveling horned owl

Genshin traveling horned owl is a robot toy furnishing object that may be used withinside the Serenitea Pot. The owl is offered via way of means of redeeming Redemption Voucher 10 all through the Core of the Apparatus event. If you haven`t received the Traveling Horned Owl yet, then live with us to discover it as short as possible.

Traveling Horned Owl Genshin Guide

The Traveling Horned Owl may be received thru a voucher upon amassing the desired substances which can be wished for by the Collector. In this guide, we can display the Traveling Horned Owl in Genshin Impact!

The first component that you need to do is move

and communicate with Bertrand who’s going to provide you an undertaking to gather a few substances on your Collector, together with five Ores, Flowers, or Fruits withinside the wild. After the communication with Bertrand, you need to teleport to the Bishui Plain in Liyue. Check the photo under.

In this location, you may be capable of discovering the Silk Flower, which is a required cloth on your collector. Once you acquire five flowers, open your collector and click on “Subsequent process” to complete the Source Material Collection.

The remaining phase from the collector

that needs to be completed is the Core Activation. It calls for amassing four quantities of Core Propulsion via way of means of defeating elemental lifestyles forms.

To discover those elemental lifestyle forms, you could teleport to the Minlin location in Liyue wherein you could discover masses of them. Check the photo for the precise teleport location.

Get there and kill a number of them to gather the four quantities of Core Propulsion. Once you’re executed, you need to open your collector once more and now click on “Go and Create”.

Now, you need to teleport returned to Ritou

and cross to speak to Bertrand once more. In the talk with him, you need to click on the “Create check products…” on the way to deliver you to the crafter. It will display that you have executed all three components from the Material Collection iycos. and now simply press “Craft”. The introduction can be a success and you may achieve the Redemption Voucher 10 which is used to redeem Traveling Horned Owl.

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