Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit Changing Tides Media confronted bold lighting fixtures demanding situations while documenting Mission 31, an ancient marketing campaign to stay 31 days in an undersea lab. See why the team selected the climate-resistant Fiilex P180E to mild this excessive environment.

The ENG Game Changer Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

Shawn Dennison, a proprietor of manufacturing studio D-Pro, indicates how the P180E transforms his workflow. One of the maximum flexible

ENG lighting at the market, the P180E`s shadeation tunability and compact shape issue permit Shawn’s paintings to fast and circulate freely from outside to interior whilst nevertheless getting the ideal colors and robust mild he needs.

Innovative Design, Unbeatable Results

The P180E has a 200W equal output with a 40W draw and is each dimmable and shadeation tunable.

The unmarried supply mild has an excessive CRI and may be effortlessly softened and changed with a huge variety of accessories. With the P180E’s long-lasting solid-kingdom era and superior climate protection, you could comply with the tale anywhere it takes you.

Weather Resistance – Let It Rain Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

The Fiilex P180E is a LED supply created mainly for ENG crews who chase information around the clock. Its IP-24 score permits digital digicam operators to seize exceptional photographs withinside the field, rain or shine.

Watch the IP Rating water check to peer simply how nicely this LED holds up withinside the elements.

Get Soft Light in Seconds

The Fiilex Dome Diffuser spreads and softens mild, outstanding for lighting fixtures people.

Its compact layout helps you to get diffuse mild even if the mild is on-digital digicam, introducing extraordinary textures into your shot. The dome makes use of our magnetic attachment gadget to effortlessly pop on and stale off your P180E.

Full Spectrum Color Tuning

Like the relaxation of the Fiilex line-up, the P180E has Dynamic Color Tunability. Giving the capacity to supply any shadeation temperature of white mild among K  with an impressively excessive Color Reproduction Index (CRI).

Designed to permit the digital digicam operator to fast modify lighting fixtures to fit the encircling environment, together with filming constantly from out of doors to indoors.

P360 Pro Light Head Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

The P360 Pro is the following-era model of Fiilex’s flagship transportable LED mild. This 400W-equal fixture takes the entirety that made the unique P360 outstanding and brings it to the following level.

The CCT variety has been expanded and dimming now runs from. The Pro continues top-tier CRI at any setting.

Weighing beneath neath pounds, the climate-resistant P360 Pro is designed for travel, however, it could additionally be effortlessly incorporated into DMX setups with its onboard DMX functionality. Other functions consist of an excessive-decision OLED show and layout tweaks along with the accent lock.

For customers trying to get the maximum out of the P360 Pro, Fiilex gives a big range of accessories, starting from magnetic Fresnel and diffusers, to softboxes and large Fresnel attachments.iycos With those mild modifiers, the Pro Plus maybe was a huge fill, an effective spot, or whatever in among.Fiilex k411s four-light travel kit

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