Ethiopia travel agency

Ethiopia travel agency

Ethiopia travel agency More than the standard African united states, Ethiopia is understood for its lengthy ancient culture, fantastic nature, and various wild global and warmly welcomes lots of traffic each year. This united states is also one of the cradles of humanity.

It owns the maximum UNESCO World Heritage Sites than some other nations withinside the region with eight cultural heritages and 1 nature history.

The adventure of coming across Ethiopia lifestyles brings you to colorful fairs and non secular events, conventional cities with historical customs featured in the lengthy records in Africa.

Ethiopian delicacies are specifically distinct and scrumptious status out to the relaxation of African nations. Did you % your suitcase? Complete your coaching with us now.
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CorwnThe UNESCO World Heritage

Being one of the 11 rock-hewn church complexes to be constructed in Lalibela, the Church of Saint George is visited now no longer handiest via way of means of its area of expertise but additionally so via way of means of its unique nonsecular and cultural meaning.

Danakil Depression Ethiopia travel agency

Famous for its abnormal panorama like in a fictional movie, Danakil Depression is exploited for tourism in the latest years and draws discover fanatics to sightseeing, specifically photographers. This journey guarantees to offer you a sense that you’re misplaced on every other planet.

CorwnThe UNESCO World Heritage

Once again, nature mom favorably offers Ethiopia a magnificent panorama, the Simien Mountains. Jagged mountain peaks come among deep valleys status out the historical past being sketched via way of means of conventional agriculture lifestyles.

Lower Omo Valley Ethiopia travel agency

Visit Omo Valley brings you a journey lower back in time, mixing into the lifestyles of prehistoric humans. This vicinity has essential significance withinside the observation of human evolution, being one of the maximum enormous histories of mankind.


In Ethiopia, nearly the whole thing is paid in coins or via way of means of cheque. The country-wide foreign money in Ethiopia is the Birr – abbreviated B or ETB. Each one hundred Birr is approx. 3€.


Amharic plus 70 different neighborhood dialects. Try getting to know some phrases in Amharic – hiya and thanks move an extended way. You will hear “Ishee” – Yes, or OK, anywhere you move.

Preparation Ethiopia travel agency

Get in the form if you`re making plans to hike Danakil volcano or Simien National Park. Even the altitude in Addis Ababa may also depart you breathless.


In Ethiopia, many dishes are eaten from shared plates and with the hands. Wednesday and Friday are conventional fasting days,iycos and vegetarian food are effortlessly prepared.Ethiopia travel agency

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