Ekicon research society download

Ekicon research society download

Several research over the last twenty years have argued for an specific connection among a hieroglyphic report of war, the so-referred to as famous person war, and the remark of Venus.Ekicon research society download

those research have depended on statistical

remedies or easy numerical twist of fate to verify their claims. In this paper I venture the effects of those research on levels. First, I reveal that the iconographic proof that stimulated the affiliation among

Venus and the “famous person war”

verb is itself unstable; then I attraction to the historic contexts of the rulers engaged on this war to peer if, as individuals, there may be proof that they held any such belief.

In each cases, I display that the proof does now no longer aid a ritual timing of Classic Maya war with the aid of using the stages of Venus. At end, I flip to philological attention to advise a brand new studying for the “famous person war” verb.

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