Custom robots header tags blogger

Custom robots header tags blogger

Custom robots header tags for blogger are the ultra-modern and essential function of Google`s BlogSpot. It is the fine and simplest manner to manipulate the robotic`s conduct to your weblog.Custom robots header tags blogger

By launching this selection, google makes blogger extra search engine marketing pleasant and appropriate for running a blog Let`s see How to do it

First of all, login for your Blogger account

and visit the dashboard. If you’ve got got multiple weblog to your blogger account, pick out the only you want to permit custom robots header tags.

From the left menu, Click at the “Settings

Search Preferences”. Now take a glance at the proper side. You will see the “Custom robots header tags” alternative proper after the Custom robots.txt. Here you need to click on at the “edit” hyperlink as proven

you need to permit this selection

via way of means of clicking on the primary radio button (Yes). Take a glance at the photograph beneathneath to come to be clearer.Optimum Settings for Blogger Custom Robots Header Tags

This is the maximum essential a part

of the complete process. Actually, right here we can supply the practise to robots to manipulate their conduct for our weblog via way of means of the use of a few take a look at bins. Take a glance at the photograph beneathneath.

I will advise you to observe the above

photograph to have most reliable settings for Blogger custom robots header tags. It consists of 3 sections (Homepage, Archive and Search pages and Default for Posts and Pages). Have you checked all of the bins as proven above? If yes, click on at the “Save changes” button and you’re done.

The Homepage Settings Explanation:

The homepage is the maximum essential web page of your weblog. For this motive, we have to now no longer block something at the homepage from seek engine crawlers.

However, a few notion can be located to apply “noimageindex” for the house web page. In my opinion, it’s miles an needless step due to the fact Google is familiar with the shape of a weblog and the conduct of homepage.

web page Settings Explanation:

Actually, archive and seek pages are car generated pages which constitute a few facts of your weblog posts. In fact, those pages are very essential to allow your readers navigate your weblog extra efficiently.

in case you permit serps to index those pages,

identical contents might be proven beneathneath one of a kind URLs. Which might also additionally motive the reproduction content material problem for our weblog. Also, the general index reputation might be messy. For this motive, we have to now no longer index those pages of our weblog.

 Pages Settings Explanation:

We can manipulate the robotic`s pastime for the maximum essential a part of our weblog from this section. Yes, I am speakme approximately the put up and pages.

As a count number of fact, the motive at the back of running a blog or growing terrific contents is letting humans find out our tough paintings thru serps. Therefore, we have to now no longer save you serps from indexing our posts and pages to symbolize them in the front of the world.

This robotic header tag function will permit

seek engine crawler go to and find out each unmarried detail of your weblog. Therefore, in case you take a look at and permit this selection, you may supply the entire freedom to the crawler to move slowly and index everything.


This function is given for personal blogs. If a person thinks now no longer to proportion his weblog publicly, this selection is for them. Usually, permitting this selection will save you seek engine crawler from crawling and indexing the weblog. So no person might be capable of find out that b through serps.


You might also additionally have heard the time period nofollow and dofollow before. This is a critical, complex, and complicated search engine marketing thing due to the fact unsuitable use of those tags might also additionally boom or lower seek engine ranks of your weblog. Blogger offers this selection to permit you to make all the outbound hyperlinks of your weblog nofollow in case you want.


If you want to use each noindex and nofollow tags together, you may permit this selection. It will save you seek engine crawlers from indexing and be thinking about outbound hyperlinks dofollow.

 noarchive Custom robots header tags blogger

This function is given to manipulate the hunt engine cache permission. Usually, serps acquire a cache model of your net web page and display it at the seek engine end result web page. Actually, the cache is a regularly up to date replica of your net pages is used to serve your internet site at the downtime via way of means of serps.

nosnippet Custom robots header tags blogger

Almost each seek end result consists of a small snippet at the SERPs. It allows humans to get an concept approximately the content material of the net web page. However, allowing this selection will save you serps to expose that textual content snippet.

 noodp Custom robots header tags blogger

ODP stands for “Open Directory Project” like Dmoz. Actually, you may save you including your internet site facts there via way of means of allowing this selection.

 notranslate Custom robots header tags blogger

This alternative will will let you disable translation of your weblog in one of a kind languages. Although device translation isn’t hundred percentage readable, we have to allow our readers translate the net web page in the event that they want.

 noimageindex Custom robots header tags blogger

Allowing this selection will save you serps to index pictures of your weblog. In my opinion, it’s miles smart to apply this selection with caution. Because pictures are a prime a part of running a blog and may boom the natural visitors of your weblog.

unavailable after Custom robots header tags blogger

If you want to deindex your weblog after a particular. iycos quantity of time, you can take a look at this selection.

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