Cotps has been trending as it guarantees to pay customers 100% go back on their investments monthly.Also, it assures clients of a strong sales the usage of a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) technology.

Sadly, a few oldsters are satisfied and are already installing their money.Before you be a part of the bandwagon, study this submit to apprehend what COTP is all approximately.

1. What Is COTP?

cotps otc buying and selling platform COTP a.k.a COTPS is brief for Cryptos OTC Trading Platform.It is an internet platform that says to offer its traders with passive income.According to a file with the aid of using TimesNewsWire, Mars Brown based the platform in November 2021.

It attempts to gain this with the aid of using imparting applicable offerings for blockchain fanatics across the world.Such offerings encompass over-the-counter (OTC) buying and selling, arbitrage buying and selling, and pockets.

Also, they declare to apply synthetic intelligence and algorithms to routinely change virtual currencies and yield income for traders.Apparently, in case you make investments withinside the platform, you’ll acquire a 100% earnings in 30 days. Amazing!

2. How Does COTP Work?Cotps

Basically, the platform allows customers to finish trades and make income.It employs synthetic intelligence and algorithms to manner change orders routinely.Also, the machine is ready to execute orders each hours.

Thus, 12 change orders are finished for every consumer day by day.Additionally, COTP makes use of High-Frequency Trading (HFT) to make a benefit from each change no matter the marketplace trends.

First, you`ll sign up an account the usage of the hyperlink at the legit web website online –, you recharge the account with at the least nine USDT.

Then you installation a change order. The machine takes it up from there and returns your budget + earnings after 2 hours.Now, you’ll installation every other change. And you`ll do this each 2 hours.

By the stop of the day, you must assume to acquire a 3.6% earnings of the quantity you commenced with.Moving on, let`s communicate approximately how an awful lot you could earn from COTP.

3. How Much Can I Earn From COTP?

Two middle approaches to earn from this platform are:

a. Regular investment Cotps

Here, you simply want to deposit a few USDT and area trades, the platform will whole the trades for you.

The predicted earnings right here is 3.6% day by day or 100% on the stop of the month.Obviously, the extra you make investments, the better your returns.

b. Referral

Secondly, you could earn from COTP whilst you refer human beings to the platform.You earn a few fee from the income of your referrals and from their referrals too.Why do I suppose this platform is a scam? Find out withinside the subsequent section.

4. Why COTP Is A Scam

I actually have a listing of reasons:

a. No evidence of trades and unrealistic returns

Let`s begin with the obvious – the outrageous ROI promised to traders.COTP ensures customers a day by day earnings of 3.6% which isn’t feasible.The worse component is that it does now no longer display how this earnings is realized.

Just deposit any amount, trades show up with out your supervision, and you`ll acquire rewards after 2 hours.Also, it claims that it trades virtual currencies however it did point out any specific one neither did it point out any buying and selling pairs nor buying and selling structures in which the trades are performed.

Investors can best deposit and withdraw USDT, something occurs in among isn’t applicable.When you thing withinside the referral scheme, it seems like antique traders are rewarded from new traders` budget and now no longer always the final results of any buying and selling.

b. Unknown founder Cotps

Secondly, I couldn`t locate the proprietor of the platform everywhere other than the information web website online I cited earlier.Moreover, I noticed in particular outcomes for a colour kind once I looked for that name, “Mars Brown”.

When the founder isn’t known, it`s best a count number of time earlier than the employer folds, and traders` budget are misplaced with none trace.

c. Possibility of a rug pull

Another crimson flag is that customers are predicted to ship budget to a given pockets address.This way that they’ve to shop for USDT from an outside platform.

Shouldn`t a buying and selling platform that offers in virtual currencies have a lot of alternatives for customers to shop for from Also, customers can’t withdraw their budget till the meant 2 hours buying and selling consultation is finished.

Who knows? Whenever the ghost founders have sufficient budget withinside the pockets, they might simply disappear with the budget.If that occurs, customers will wait for all time to withdraw their budget.

d. Bad reputation

I looked for COTPS on Trustpilot and there has been no evaluate of the platform.So, no one has benefited sufficient from this platform to study it online?Then on SCAMADVISER, the internet site become diagnosed as suspicious with a 51% consider score.

Moreover, I despatched a question to the e-mail supplied at the COTP touch web page and I in no way were given a reply.

e. Contradicting employer information

COTP claims to have supplied rewards to its clients when you consider that however its MSB registration suggests that the platform become registered in.

Meanwhile, having an MSB registration variety does now no longer make a platform legit, absolutely everyone can get that with the aid iycos.  of using genuinely finishing a shape online.Cotps

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