Chilli food and travel blog

Chilli food and travel blog


Chilli food and travel blog Top Social Media: Chili Pepper Madness has pretty a following with 28K fans on Facebook, 20.9K subscribers on YouTube, and 21.5K fans on Instagram.

1. Blog Name: Chili Pepper Madness

Person Behind The Scenes: Husband and Wife duo – Mike and Patty Chili Pepper Madness became created following Mike`s love of the entirety from chili peppers to warm sauce.

Based in Charlotte NC, chili pepper

Madness stocks recipes with a highly spiced twist. The weblog functions warm recipes from across the world, conventional American dishes, and warm sauce recipes.

Mike additionally stocks his know-how of various kinds of chili peppers and the way excessive warmth can pass for every sort of pepper. You can take a look at their weblog and additionally comply with their recipes on Youtube.

Most Popular Recipe or Content Chilli food and travel blog

Mike and Patty percentage many mouthwatering chili recipes on their weblog and YouTube channel. The maximum famous recipe on their YouTube channel is a recipe for Adobo sauce with 98,000 perspectives.

2. Blog Name: The Curry Guy

Person Behind The Scenes: Dan ToombsTop Social Media: You can comply with Dan`s recipes on Facebook where he has 54K  Dan began The Curry Guy in 2010, as a manner of sharing his love for Indian meals.

The weblog became a manner for Dan to discover ways to use spices and he started to expand his very own Indian-stimulated dishes.

During the release of his weblog Chilli food and travel blog

Dan and his circle of relatives ate nothing but curries for a year, which stuck the eye of country-wide and worldwide information outlets.

Dan`s recipes have evolved through the years and Dan now has 7 cookbooks posted on the subject of British Indian Curry House recipes.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: With 7 posted cookbooks you could make sure that Dan is aware of a way to make a super curry. His maximum famous recipe on YouTube is a recipe for a curry base sauce, with over 137K perspectives.

3. Blog Name: Jens Plant Base

Person Behind The Scenes: Jenna Wends. You can discover Jenna sharing her Caribbean-stimulated recipes beneath neath the name @jensplantbase, on Instagram where she has 110K fans, and on TikTok where she has 26K fans.

Jenna who’s a software program engineer via way of means of day, stocks Caribbean-stimulated plant-primarily based recipes on her famous Instagram and TikTok accounts.

As a vegan influencer Jenna adapts many

famous recipes, the usage of elements that include tofu or oyster mushrooms to update the animal protein in famous dishes like Jerk Jackfruit Tacos and Curry `Goat` for vegans, like herself. All her dishes consist of a healthful dose of spice or warm sauce, so are ideal for any spice addict.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Jenna`s maximum famous highly spiced dish on her Instagram account is a recipe for Vegan Buffalo wings with over perspectives.

4. Blog Name: Sinfully Spicy

Person Behind The Scenes: Tanvi Top Social Media You can comply with Tanvi on Instagram @sinfullyspicy, in which she has 51.3K fans.

Tanvi started her running blog adventure after transferring to the United States and lacking her domestic country. She started out cooking and growing recipes as a manner to connect

with her subculture and started to percentage her recipes online.

Based in Las Vegas, Tanvi stocks North Indian recipes she cooks, from primary food to facet dishes and desserts. Her weblog is a goldmine of recipes bursting with spice and taste and consists of each vegetarian and meat-primarily based totally dishes.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: Tanvi`s maximum famous highly spiced dish is Masala Macaroni which mixes tacky pasta with masala spices and has over 200,000 perspectives on Instagram.

5. Blog Name: Migrationology

Person Behind The Scenes: Mark Wiens  Top Social Media: You can watch Mark`s movies on Youtube where he has over 9.1 million subscribers

Mark started his running blog adventures whilst he went traveling after graduating from university. He is now primarily based totally in Bangkok, after assembly his spouse in Thailand.

Mark creates super video content material for his Youtube channel, targeted meals from Thailand and plenty of different Asian countries. Mark offers you lowdown on-road meals in locations like Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Dubai.

Foodies will love his pleasant

technique for vlogging and epic meal tours. If you adore highly spiced meals you could watch Mark attempt many one-of-a-kind kinds of highly spiced meals on his travels,

which include Singapore Chili Crab, Spicy Thai Street meals, and Spicy Sichuan Chinese meals in L.A.

Most Popular Recipe or Content: The majority of Mark`s movies attain nicely over 6 million perspectives on YouTube. For spice, enthusiasts take a look at his video at the Spiciest Ramen in Tokyo.

6. Blog Name: Marion`s Kitchen

Person Behind The Scenes: Marion Grasby Top Social Media: You can watch Marion`s movies on Youtube where she has over 1.6 million subscribers

Marion, who’s a meals manufacturer and tv presenter, stocks recipes on her famous YouTube channel, in which she makes many dishes stimulated via way of means of her blended heritage, that’s a combination of Thai, and Australian.

Based in Bangkok, her recipes are in particular

Thai is primarily based totally and are healthful hearty dishes. For the ones searching out a highly spiced Asian recipe, Marion has you covered.

She has many highly spiced recipes on her channel from Spicy meatball Banh Mi to her Mum`s Very Spicy Thai Green Curry. There isn’t any doubt a recipe on Marion`s channel with a purpose to fulfill your highly spiced appetite.

Most Popular Recipe or Content:

Marion`s recipes are very famous on YouTube with many accomplishing nicely over 100K perspectives. Marion`s recipe for Chiang Mai Noodle soup has over 300,000 perspectives and is certainly considered one of her maximum famous highly spiced movies.

7. Blog Name: Korean Bapsang Chilli food and travel blog

Person Behind The Scenes  Top Social Media: Hyosun has a big following on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, and over 100K fans on Instagram.

Hyosun is a Korean-American mom with an ardor for cooking terrific homestyle meals. Her Korean own circle of relatives’ culture and subculture are extraordinarily vital to

Hyosun and in she started her weblog to educate her youngsters on a way to prepare dinner-acquainted Korean dishes.

Since beginning her weblog she has ended up very famous and has been featured withinside New York. iycos Times and the Washington Post. Her recipes are historically Korean and Hyosun gives beneficial suggestions for human beings wanting. Chilli food and travel blog

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