Brendon oconnell blogger

Brendon oconnell blogger

Brendon oconnell blogger My training focuses totally on Middle English literature, with a particular emphasis on the poets of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.for the Fresher module Imagining the Middle Ages, and I moreover make a contribution to the Fresher module on Cultures of Retelling, and to

Trinity Electives withinside the Schools

of English and Histories and Humanities.At Sophister level, I offer options on Chaucer`s Canterbury Tales and Surviving Trauma in Medieval Literature; I moreover educate at some stage in a number of

postgraduate modules on the MPhil in

Medieval Studies, the MPhil in LiteraryTranslation, and the MPhil in Identities and Cultures of Europe, collectively with Chaucer and the Italian Trecento, Medieval Translation: Theory and Practice, and Medieval and Renaissance Foundations of Europe.

My research interests,

which may be aligned with the Long Room Hub`sresearch problems on `Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures` and `Identities inTransformation`, cognizance on the whole on the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, similarly to the early present day reception and transmission of his works.

My art work on Chaucer shows a particular

interest in pictures of imitation, fraud and falsification withinside the Canterbury Tales, and the way in which his poetry draws on the works of Jean de Meun and Dante.

I clearly have a strong interest withinside

the reception of Chaucer`s art work in later periods, as tons as and collectively with the 21st century, but with a focus on the early present day period: I am specially inquisitive about the reception of Chaucerian beast literature withinside the late medieval and early present day periods.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Transmission and Generation in Medieval and Renaissance Literature: Essays in Honour of John Scattergood, eds. Brendan O`Connell and Karen

Articles Brendon oconnell blogger

`Think of All the Differences!`: Mixed Marriages in Transcultural Adaptations of Chaucer`s `Man of Law`s Tale`, Adaptation forthcoming in specific problem on `Adaptation and Revision`; currently available proper right here as an growth article

`Chaucer`s Counterfeit Brendon oconnell blogger

` In Chaucer`s Poetry: Words, Authority and Ethics, ed. Clíodhna Carney and Frances McCormack (Dublin: Four

`The Poetics of Fraud: Jean de Meun, Dante and Chaucer.` In Chaucer in Context: A Golden Age of English Poetry, ed. Gerald Morgan (Oxford:

`Culture and Dispute in Dialogus de Scaccario.`

In Transmission and Generation in Medieval and Renaissance Literature: Essays in Honour of John Scattergood, ed. Brendan O`Connell and Karen Hodder `“Ignotum in line with ignocius”

Brendon oconnell blogger Brendon oconnell blogger

Alchemy, Analogy and Poetics in Fragment VIII of The Canterbury Tales`. In Transmission and Transformation withinside the Middle Ages: Texts and Contexts, ed. Kathy Cawsey and Jason Harris Dublin.iycosFour Courts

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