Automotive history preservation society

Automotive history preservation society

The Automotive History Preservation Society (AHPS) is an IRS non-income  public charity that has been in lifestyles given that.Automotive history preservation society

We are “Preserving the Past for the Future”

through digitizing the records of the car as determined in pictures, length print advertisements, brochures, mag articles, manufacturer`s posted schooling and training substances in addition to some other gadgets that file the records of the car, such as press photos, automobile carrier manuals and guides, and some other suitable sources.

When it involves substances

we collect, we test them, repair them to their unique circumstance after which put up them to our Internet-primarily based totally Digital Documents Library wherein absolutely everyone can view them, or down load them or print them. We have over pages of fabric already saved and to be had.

Description Automotive history preservation society’s

The grave decline into obscurity of our unique documentation of the records of the car receives nearer and towards important mass every day. The longer we wait – the less portions of car records will remain.

Why Automotive history preservation society’s

Paper and photographic substances have a brief life-span. Even with the high-quality of efforts, a good deal of our car records will decay to  the subsequent  years. Protecting those substances from that sluggish slide calls for high-priced garage, defensive encasement, and worse ?

limited access. Worse, corporations can not bring the growing price of garage and guide retrieval of those large substances.


The approach to this trouble has been to be had for the final  years, however few have completed on it. There is an first rate technical solution. Imaging the fabric (through scanning) isn’t always best possible, however the high-quality and least high-priced answer.

We have scanned and wiped clean over web page pics of traditionally large fabric withinside the final  years and are capturing for a further  withinside.iycos  the subsequent 12 months.

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