Aut trello new universe

Aut trello new universe

Aut trello new universe

Aut trello new universe AUT Trello Link & Wiki | A Universal Time[Official][September 2022]

August 28, 2022 with the aid of using Yatin

Read on for [A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki .

AUT Trello Link & Wiki A Universal Time: Aut trello new universe

AUT is a Roblox recreation posted with the aid of using Universal Time Studio. AUT improvement is stimulated with the aid of using the famous anime/manga collection referred to as JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure. One of the best anime collection of all time. AUT functions a huge series of stands with particular powers that characters can unharness whilst withinside the warfare to inflict DMG at the non-pleasant gadgets and do away with them from the fight field. AUT`s visuals are outstanding, the maps are well-designed, and the devs have performed a extremely good activity in bringing the anime story/surroundings to the recreation.

AUT Trello & Wiki: Aut trello new universe

Most Roblox video games have a Trello, an reputable one, made with the aid of using builders to assist the gamers apprehend the recreation`s fundamentals and cowl each factor of the recreation; higher than one may want to cowl in a WIKI. [A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki is likewise available.

[A Universal Time] AUT Trello & Wiki covers the entirety you want to understand approximately usual capacity, stands, Requiem, U-Coins and maps, economy, farming, NPCs, a listing of stands, usual skills, bosses, and more.

Universal Abilities are specific from the skills which you unharness with a stand. You can unharness a usual capacity with out a stand; you could ask why? That`s due to the fact the capacity comes from the individual itself, stimulated with the aid of using the anime on which this recreation is based.

U-Coin is an in-recreation currency, the primary one, which you could use to save objects or entire precise quests. Players can earn U-cash with the aid of using defeating bosses, different gamers, commencing chests, etc.

How To Obtain Arrow Meteorite?: Aut trello new universe

Every X5 mins withinside the recreation, a meteor crashes close to the village withinside the mountains in random locations. Also, it could crash close to the beach, that is on the opposite aspect of the map.

Aut trello new universe
Aut trello new universe

Interact with it and you may achieve an arrow stand. There is a 1% hazard you`ll be gather a “Meteor Effect” to be able to make your complete display screen a purple-to-red hue.

How To Obtain Treasure Chests?

The treasure chests spawn across the map in predetermined locations. They spawn once more after X2~X5 mins withinside the actual identical spot as earlier. These chests comprise those objects:

While you’re interior of a Palm your fitness will slowly decline.

Sand Debris – A Universal Time Trello

The sand particles or sand pile spawn pretty often, and you could dig them to gather a random item. There is a opportunity of acquiring nothing. They spawn in Beach each X2 mins with a assured hazard and disappear after some seconds.

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