American historic society coin collection

American historic society coin collection

American historic society coin collection Abstract Does the occasional discover of a Roman, Greek, or Hebrew coin in

America suggest historic transoceanic contact?

In this study, forty reviews of such cash are analyzed with a view to decide whether or not any can aid the diffusionist position. Discovery dates, minting periods, geographical distribution, and the absence of prehistoric context all advise that the cash have been misplaced very recently.

For individuals American historic society coin collection

who argue that cash located in fields and farmyards may also have unique significance, an exam of counterfeits famous that frauds and their prototypes have comparable distributions. The information suggest additionally that Roman cash are a ways from uncommon the United States these days and that they’re misplaced frequently.

A wide variety of well claims are given cautious scrutiny and in all instances located to be rather suspect if now no longer downright fraudulent. It is concluded, therefore, that as of this writing no unmarried document of a classical-length coin in America may be used as proof of trans-Atlantic contact.

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