Altar society activities

Altar society activities

Altar society activities Meetings are hung on the remaining Wednesday of every month besides for the months of June and July while the Altar Society is off for the summer, beginning time is at  withinside the Flanagan Administrative Bldg. The Altar Society is open to all women of the network and club is presently.

Committees include:

This committe entails placement of flower displays at the Altar and sees to their care. The committee is in rate of readorning for unique events and conducts all unique collections for plant life from the Church congregation.

 This committee is liable for cleansing and worrying for the Church and Altar.

Linen – This committee is liable for converting sanctuary linens while necessary, laundering them, supervising the acquisition of liturgical substances and the stitching of all Church articles,

The chairperson works Altar society activities

with the Spiritual director to enhance the non secular wishes of the contributors. Salutations -The chairperson is liable for sending sick, get-well, wedding ceremony and toddler congratulations playing cards to contributors.

Also, contributors celebrating their Golden Anniversary could be remembered with a card.

Sympathy playing cards could be despatched upon the loss of life of a parishioner. Programs – The chairperson and committee are liable for making suggestions, investigating and bringing to the club for approval numerous sports at some point of the. Rehearsal This committee coordinates rehearsals for weddings and and assists for the duration of the marriage and ceremony.

Telephone – This committee contacts the club to inform them of upcoming activities and activites. The Altar Society participates in severa sports for the duration of the 12 months consisting of however now no longer restricted to:

Praying the rosary at the thirteenth of every month in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

Bake income on Mother Day and the week previous to Thanksgiving
Decorating the church for Easter and Christmas and different unique days
Host the RCIA reception for brand new contributors Crowning of Mary for the duration of the month of May via way of means of the First Holy Communion students

Pastor Anniversary and Birthday birthday party

Christmas poinsettias brought to domestic sure parishoners Other Christmas projects Christmas party Celebrate mass for departed contributors withinside the month of  Participate iycos  withinside the dinner party day birthday party for St. Jerome.

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