Actively synonym

Actively synonym

Actively synonym

Actively synonym in a manner that includes planned and energetic engagement or effort:
Our look for your lacking son has now no longer slowed and there are vital leads being actively pursued even at this moment.
Latin America is here—actively found in U.S. history, culture, and politics.

with a excessive diploma of volume, use, participation, etc.: Actively synonym

Crude oil is the world`s maximum actively traded commodity.
in a manner this is operative or powerful on the time; currently:
On any given day, kind of 20 volcanoes are actively erupting.
Well over 1,000,000 human beings are actively subscribed and getting to know languages with the app worldwide.

in a manner that includes bodily workout or movement: Actively synonym

Every volunteer function on the day middle is beneficial in permitting seniors to stay actively, independently, and with dignity.
Grammar. in or by using the energetic voice, in which the concern of the verb is likewise the doer of the action:

Actively synonym
Actively synonym

Anything expressed with a passive verb may also be expressed actively, so the selection of 1 over the opposite is frequently for stylistic effect.


What do you suspect the other of blue is? See how a great deal you understand approximately the numerous approaches we are able to describe the other of blue.

How do you pronounce energetic?

Pronounce energetic as ˈæktɪv.

US – How to pronounce energetic in American English

UK – How to pronounce energetic in British English

Sentences with energetic

1. Adjective

You can also additionally want to drink greater in case you’re greater bodily energetic and/or in case you stay in hotter temperatures.

Quotes approximately energetic

I’m a vegetarian and really a great deal energetic with regard to how I experience approximately animal rights and protective animals and giving animals a voice. But on the identical time, I admire and admire different human beings’s selections to devour meat. The best issue that I wish is that human beings are educated, that they may be aware, that they may be residing a aware lifestyle.
A right mom recollects to serve fruit at breakfast, is usually pleased and by no means yells, manages now no longer to venture her very own neuroses and inadequacies onto her children, is an energetic and cherished network volunteer. She recollects to make play dates, her kid’s garments fit, she does artwork initiatives with them and enjoys all their games.
suppose the maximum iycos vital issue is to preserve energetic and to pray that your thoughts remains energetic.

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