Active student

Active student

Background Active student

  • Helping students develop an active and healthy lifestyle is one of the seven learning goals in primary and secondary schools. It is also stipulated in the Physical Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 6) (2017) that schools should arrange a wide range of physical activities to develop students’ motor skills and improve their physical fitness.  This could enable students to acquire the knowledge of related activities, nurture positive values and attitudes, as well as help them develop a habit of doing exercise regularly.
  • To tie in with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s recommendation that children and adolescents aged 5-17 should accumulate at least an average of 60 minutes daily of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activities (i.e. MVPA60) across the week, the Education Bureau (EDB) included the recommendation as one of the directions of the Physical Education (PE) curriculum in 2017. In this regard, schools are encouraged to organise various PE activities to help students develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

Details Active student

  • To further engage students in developing an active and healthy lifestyle, the EDB has launched the “Active Students, Active People” Campaign (“ASAP” Campaign) in the 2021/22 school year to rally the concerted efforts of schools, parents as well as other stakeholders to promote an optimised sports atmosphere in schools and in society, and encourage students to engage in regular exercise as soon as possible for the sake of maintaining good health, adopting an active and healthy lifestyle, and unleashing vitality with positive attitudes.
  • Under the “ASAP” Campaign, a series of PE activities, as well as learning and teaching resources will be offered to support schools in mobilising students’ participation in physical activities so as to meet WHO’s recommendation on MVPA60. It also helps consolidate students’ knowledge in physical activities, as well as nurture their positive values and attitudes.  Through taking part in physical activities, students can also have a better understanding of Chinese culture and cultivate a sense of national identity.

“Active Students, Active People” Campaign – Vitality Fitness Walking / Running Challenge Active student


Under the “ASAP” Campaign, the EDB has been organising different activities for primary and secondary students. A fun race of “Vitality Fitness Walking / Running Challenge” is newly devised.  Participating students who complete and log 70,000 steps or 30 minutes of fitness walking / running for any 20 days within the period from 20 June to 24 July 2022 will receive an individual award. Awards will also be given to those participating schools with active participation rate.  For details, please refer to the attachment.

Active student
Active student

“Active Students, Active People” Campaign (Chinese Version Only)   


  • Elite athletes cheer for students during the pandemic through video clips.  They share the importance of healthy living and demonstrates a simple fitness exercise so as to encourage students to stay positive and healthy, and take precautionary measures against the pandemic.(Chinese Version Only)


Sharing Sessions by Elite Athletes (III): The Power of Pedal – LEE Wai-Sze


Following the Sharing Sessions by Elite Athletes organised in October and November 2021 respectively, the third session entitled “The Power of Pedal – LEE Wai-sze” is scheduled to be held on 14 January 2022.  LEE Wai-sze is the first Hong Kong world champion in women’s cycling competitions, and has brought Hong Kong honour in the international sporting arena with outstanding results.  She will share with students her journey of training and competitions.  Through her inspiring stories, students will be enthused to cultivate positive values and attitudes, such as perseverance and willingness to accept challenges, and encouraged to pursue their dreams and stretch their potential.

Sharing Sessions by Elite Athletes (II): Windsurf with Chan Hei-man

Ms CHAN Hei-man was invited to share her stories and success in the second sharing session on 19 November 2021.  She was crowned one gold and two silver medals at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Asian Games.  In the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, she finished an impressive eighth in the overall women’s RS: X fleet windsurfing event.

School Physical Fitness Award Scheme 2021/22 and Pandemic Challenge – Fitness Challenges at Home Scheme 2021/22

The School Physical Fitness Award Scheme (SPFAS) and the Pandemic Challenge – Fitness Challenges at Home Scheme are jointly organised by the Hong Kong Childhealth Foundation (HKCHF), the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China (HKPFA) and the Education Bureau (EDB) to promote physical activities and health-related fitness among primary and secondary students.  It also enhances students’ awareness of physical fitness and encourages their regular participation in physical activities at school and at home to achieve MVPA60.

Sharing Sessions by Elite Athletes (I): The Power of Fencing – YU Chui-yee

Ms YU Chui-yee was invited to share her stories and success in the first sharing session.  She is the seven-time Paralympic Gold Medallist and is awarded the honors including Bronze Bauhinia Star and the Top 10 Outstanding Youths for her outstanding achievements in wheelchair fencing, etc.

“Dance for Health” (New category in the 58th Schools Dance Festival)

In support of the ASAP Campaign, a new category of “Dance for Health” will be introduced in the 58th Schools Dance Festival to encourage iycos students to participate actively in physical activities so as to develop a habit of regular exercising.

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