5280 whiskey society

5280 whiskey society

When I got here out to Denver, I wasn`t awaiting to do a great deal that become whiskey-related. However, Mrs.

Whiskeyfellow and I have been all at once invited

through Ryan Negley of Boulder Spirits and the Whiskey Society to wait an American Single Malt Whiskey tasting event. It become held at Francis Sir Francis Baron Verulam Social House of Littleton a south Denver suburb. This become a trueDrinkCurious event!


First, there has been a buffet dinner 5280 whiskey society

together with Kobe red meat hotdogs, pulled red meat sliders, potato and chili bar, and tater tots. That become, of course, to get everyone`s frame prepped for the whiskey.

Not only a pour or , however 11 one of a kind picks from six distilleries! Each gave a few history in their distillery and what makes them particular withinside the market.

From Stranahan`s, we tasted Diamond Peak,

limited-version whiskey partly elderly in former Bushmill`s casks, and a 10-yr Mountain Angel, packaged a.

Then, to marvel everyone, the version of Snowflake, a almost impossible-to-acquire whiskey, become poured. Snowflake is 94° and elderly years earlier than completing in wine, sherry, tequila, rum, and cognac casks

From Cedar Ridge Distillery 5280 whiskey society

we had The QuintEssential, which become my runner-up for the Best American Whiskey of. It is a 92° non-age-said whiskey.

Boulder Spirits presented its flagship Single

Malt, then a pour of its Sherry Cask Finish. I had my hands crossed the Peated version (the whiskey that beat out The QuintEssential) could be poured, however that didn`t happen.

The flagship is elderly at the least 3 years and weighed in at 92°, at the same time as the Sherry Cask introduced a nine-month completing process.

Next up become Deerhammer Distillery,

which become probably the maximum uncommon of the bunch. There become a Single Barrel Single Malt, packaged at, and a Port Cask Finish at. The Port introduced a definitive chocolate be aware to the expresso taste of the flagship Single iycos.Neither have been age-said.

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