4runner long travel

4runner long travel

4runner long travel Dirt King Fabrication Long Travel Kit The Dirt King’s lengthy tour package turned into evolved to notably enhance the motor off-avenue dealing without compromising its day-after-day riding characteristics.

This suspension machine lets in

of the tour and accepts as much as a 35” tire. The package is well matched with 2WD fashions and 4wd fashions alongside the acquisition of prolonged axle shafts.

Our higher and decrease palms are designed with 1” stainless steel uniballs for the outer pivots in place of ball joints for power and elevated articulation.

Compared to the opposition we`ve won numerous inches of floor clearance by mounting the decreased palms withinside the manufacturing unit region in place of underneath it. This package is CAD designed, very well tested, and 100% made in America ensuing in a product we`re proud to position our call on!

4wd 4runner long travel

To reap the total quantity of tours on 4wd fashions you should set up the 1” diff drop package and system the internal CV`s for greater articulation.

Shocks 4runner long travel

For fine overall performance and to reap the total quantity of tours you should buy our spec-constructed shocks or have them custom constructed primarily based totally on our coil over spec sheet.

You may additionally use Tacoma

OEM alternative coil over King, Fox, and Icon with 600lb springs and 1.5” huge decrease eyelet spacers with mounting holes. These shocks will paintings however restrict the number of wheel tours.

The OEM alternative coil overs

consist of reservoir mounts that might not be well-matched with our double-shear package option. Our lengthy tour package is likewise tabbed to house skip shocks. The skip shocks will permit advanced suspension dampening and tunability.

To mount the bypasses we provide a weld-on skip surprise hoop package that may be bought separately. The skip surprise hoop package calls for welding and changes to the frame.

For severe off-roading, the package has the cap potential to just accept bump stops alongside the coil overs and bypasses. The use of bump stops will also require welding and changes to the frame.

Wheel Travel 4runner long travel

When purchasing lengthy tour kits many clients generally tend to recognize simply tour numbers. This is the purpose many agencies declare erroneous numbers or don`t reveal the quantity of labor worried to reap those numbers.

We intend to construct a suspension machine with the very best quantity of wheel tour without requiring important changes to the automobile or compromising its ordinary drivability.

Tire Info 4runner long travel

When the use of 35” tires with this package changes to the wheel properly will want to be made. The firewall pinch weld will want to be folded over and the front cab mount wishes to be shaved to keep away from touch even as turning. The higher wheel properly may also want to be changed to keep away from touch at a complete bump.


Heim higher manipulates palms are adjustable to permit most tuning of caster and camber. Shipped preset to O.E. region.

Lower manipulate palms make use of urethane bushings and metal internal sleeves which significantly lessen bushing deflection in comparison to inventory rubber bushings.iycos. 4runner long travel

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